A Myth Taking the Sports World by Storm

If you want to be a successful sports star, you should practice from an early age or is this theory something of the past. There is a new book now, and it’s from Gotzis, a small sleepy town in Australia. It is here where Katarina Johnson-Thomson won out of seven disciplines four. The supreme test is stamina, strength, technical skills and speed.

Where did the Fairytale Start for Sports Greats Such as Woods & Williams

This is one athlete that never wanted to be a sports star. She loved ballet from a very young age. Later on, she became not only a fan of football but obsessed with the sport and played with others in the street in front of her house. It was quite a few years later that she focussed on the field and the track. It was a book by David Epstein that got her thinking. It starts with Tiger Woods, his success and that of others like the tennis star Serena Williams is something like a fairytale to the rest of us.

The Recipe is 10,000 Hours – Could this Mean Success to All

There are plenty of other books, and the magic number to greatness is believed to the 10,000-hours to success. The book claims that you should start early if you want to gain great success and that 10,000 hours is the recipe for success in the book by Matthew Syed.

Do What You Want – Enjoy Your Freedom as a Youngster

Epstein believes elite sports athletes should be more like mega starts in reaching success, and he is referring to Roger Federer. Instead of focussing on practising the same sport until he reaches perfection, he enjoyed a whole range of great games. Federer loves chess, he enjoyed gymnastics, and he did ski. If you ask him out about any other activities, he also names handball. He smiles as he remembers wrestling, and he enjoyed badminton.

Great Relationship with Sport = Active Adult

He had a great relationship with different sports, which is probably why he is now one of the greats. He also played football, and yes, he was a skateboarder. All these different sports types hugely increased his hand-eye coordination. Vasyl Lomachenko did four years of Ukrainian dancing, while he also di boxing at the same time. Vasyl, now one of the greatest boxers in the world also enjoyed gymnastics, he played football and he hardly ever missed tennis.

Let Them Kids Go Play

It seems that young children who are allowed to enjoy outdoor and sports activities are the ones that fall in love with sports. Every single activity offer benefit and whether it is cycling, rowing or canoeing it all contributes to physical and mental wellbeing. So, allow your kids to go out there and to enjoy swimming, rowing, canoeing and play soccer in the streets, it could be the start of something remarkable.