A Royal Ceremony That Will be Remembered for Ages

In the long-awaited ceremony since the prince proposed, the highly anticipated wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was held on May 19th in St George Chapel in the stunning Windsor Castle. The ceremony was filled with beautiful floral arrangements, an array of celebrity guests, and a beautiful ensemble worn by Markle. It was watched by 600 guests in the chapel, along with millions of viewers watching worldwide while the couple vowed their undying comfort, love, honour, and promised to protect one another throughout the remainder of their lives. However, one key word was omitted by the couple during their vows “obey”. Thus, marking one of the many traditions that the couple broke during their ceremony. This caused this union to be one of the most modern Royal weddings in the recent years.

A Love Filled Ceremony

After the stunning and love filled ceremony, the couple kissed happily outside of the chapel as onlookers watched with glee. Which is a stark change from how Markle entered the chapel alone before waking out an hour later, arm-in-arm with the current heir to the throne, Prince Charles.

Despite being visibly nervous, and rightfully so, before the large ceremony – his mood automatically improved, and the Price was nothing but beaming and radiating happiness as he witnessed his new bride to be walking down the aisle to be by his side.

Once Markle was standing in front of the Prince, he complimented her by simply saying “You look amazing” which prompted a shared smile from both of the newlyweds. Since the couple had to spend the night separated before the wedding – they were seen holding hands during the ceremony.

Meghan Markle’s Dress

Meghan Markle sported a five-meter-long pure white veil that was handled delicately, though the long material could not hide the obvious excitement and her consistent smile that was shown the moment she left her hotel with her equally beautiful mother until they arrived at the chapel.

The Rings

The ring exchange went without a hitch and caused both newlyweds to beam and share a special moment of eye contact – however, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, stated his slight concern that he thought the couple would have possibly dropped the rings.

The rings were beautifully however as Markle’s was styled from a chunk of Welsh gold and was gifted to her by the Queen of England. While Prince Harry’s ring was a platinum band with a noticeable textured finish, it was another break from the tradition as British Royals are not known to wear rings. Before the rings were worn by the couple, they were carried in with grace by the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, who was returning the favour as Prince Harry had done the same during Prince William’s marriage in 2011.

Harry and Meghan’s Vows

Following the words of “I will” – Princess Harry and Meghan Markle were considered a husband and wife while also gaining the titles of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Moreover, Prince Harry received the prestigious Scottish title, Earl of Dumbarton.

Before the pristine lunchtime reception, the couple took a quick horse-drawn carriage trip through Windsor, which made the thousands of well-wishers delighted as they could watch the couple beam together. During their reception, the couple was serenaded beautifully by Elton John. Afterwards, the couple changed into more comfortable – yet still stunning – evening wear for their after party.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had an interesting love life as the couple originally met on a blind date set up by mutual friends. Both patrons of the couple stated that it was “love at first sight”. Since then, the Prince scooped Markle away to Botswana as the coddled one another under the stars.

It should be noted that their union is a unique one due to Markle’s bi-racial identity – as her mother is an African-America woman and her father is a Caucasian man. However, her father could not make it to the wedding due to poor health. Certain conditions of the wedding were reminiscent of her background, such as having a black American preacher, Reverend Michael Curry, along with other tweaks to the traditional norms.