AMC Refusing to Part with Walking Dead Universe

Anthology series are becoming popular for production houses, as this format provides multiple storyline opportunities & the capability to approach viewers on new scales that’ve never before been seen. This was proven with shows like “American Horror Story” or “The Haunting of Hill House/Bly House”. AMC wants to compete against Netflix and Showtime for anthology series popularity, which prompted the creation of “Tales of The Walking Dead”. It’ll be the 5th spinoff series for TWD Universe.

Tales of The Walking Dead was announced minutes after AMC confirmed “The Walking Dead” would end after eleven seasons, with most dedicated fans believing it should’ve finished by the 8th or 9th season. Before Tales of The Walking Dead was confirmed, AMC also revealed that two iconic characters from the original show would also receive a spinoff series. Carol & Daryl are obtaining their series, which is confirmed for two guaranteed seasons.

Characters that appeared on “The Walking Dead” will receive anthology episodes on “Tales of The Walking Dead”, like Michonne or Glenn. Because of the unique format for this series, directors can move episodes into the future & then into the past. There aren’t any limitations to what’s possible with Tales of TWD. However, most fans are considering Tales of TWD a sequel series to the original show. There’s been considerable emphasis that characters from TWD and Fear The Walking Dead will make appearances in Tales of TWD.

Universal Growth

Surprisingly, AMC is making multiple announcements regarding The Walking Dead Universe. It’s been not even one month since “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” was released to viewers, which has fared well in viewership ratings. It’s given AMC hope that success surrounding TWD brand hasn’t ended. Change of setting & characters is needed for the brand to resume its incredible success, with at one time The Walking Dead being more popular than HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Tales of The Walking Dead is comprising multiple episodes around new characters that connect to older backstories. Familiar names from the original TWD, Fear the Walking Dead, or World Beyond are likely to appear in-correlation with new survivors. Showrunner Scott Gimple has clarified that situations these characters find themselves in are unlike anything seen before in TWDU.