American Horror Story Starts Filming in October

October 2020 marks the month when American Horror Story will resume filming, with show creators Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk helming the 10th season in this supernatural horror anthology series. The popularity behind this series is extensive, with each season garnering high profile celebrities & increasing the level of fear. Notable seasons included the presence of Kathy Bates and Emma Roberts.

American Horror Story began within the infamous “Murder House” seen in season one. Numerous settings followed, which have garnered fanfare & prompted supporters to often argue on social media threads. Additional locations seen in AHS include a supernatural hotel, psychiatric hospital, summer camp, and circus freak show. Actors that’ve been seen on this series typically centre around females, with one male helming a season as the lead role. Actors seen on this series include Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Sarah Paulson, Lady Gaga, Jessica Lange, and Evan Peters as the exclusive male lead.

The ninth instalment in the American Horror Series was named “AHS: 1984”, which received the praise of critics & supporters alike. Rotten Tomatoes listed an audience score of 75% from 811 reviews, which is notable for a television series. After filming concluded on “AHS: 1984”, creative forces Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk began working on the 10th instalment in this franchise. It’s known that the second male lead ever to helm an AHS season is arriving in the 10th instalment, with that man being Macaulay Culkin from “Home Alone”.

Production Halted Amid Spin-Off Series Announcement

Production had initially started earlier this year but was halted when COVID-19 concerns outweighed filming. Plot details surrounding the 10th instalment of American Horror Story have been limited, with Macaulay Culkin playing a new role in a secretive setting. It’s believed that this instalment will focus on cannibals & connect the spin-off series announced earlier this year. Fans of this franchise have a guaranteed additional three seasons after the 10th instalment of AHS.

It should be clarified that the spin-off series for American Horror Stories won’t centre around an anthology format. It’ll instead comprise of the same characters for multiple seasons, focusing on a single setting that is more haunted than any other seen in this horror franchise.