Are You A Survivor – 2019 Auditions Details

One program that needs almost no introduction is Australian Survivor, a reality program that tests the survival skills of every entrant. Australian Survivor is based on the universal format and features a whole list of challenges, gathering and contestants starts off by competing for things immediately need first such as shelter, fire, water and nourishment.

Sole Survivor $500,000 Richer

The main event is the continues competing in challenges, while the hopefuls without commitment are soon voted out and send packing. It’s a reality show in which there can only be one winner and the Sole Survivor Australia walks away with a remarkable prize worth $500,000.

The Survivor series started on the Nine Network in 2002, and in 2006 the celebrity version was added. It is one of the most widely followed reality shows and part of the many countries enjoying it is Asia. The physical activity, fun challenges and the tuff competition attract a massive audience of various age groups.

Australian Survivor 2019

The Australian Survivor 2019 will follow the same format as the previous shows, the contestants will be part into different clans and then taken to disengaged areas and need to live off what they can find on land due to the small number of supplies they are given. Both mental and physical tasks are used to set the different groups up against others and the winners of each task win rewards such as fire, food and other necessities for protection against rain or cold. Tribal Council is where a clan gets the chance to vote off other clan members, which then need to leave the show immediately.

About halfway through the show, the remaining members of the different clans are all merged into one clan, and this is where the competition gets even tougher. Anyone of the contestants can be voted out, those that are strong often are the first to be removed by the others.

Requirements for 2019 Australian Survivor:

1. All entrants must be at least 18 years of age or older.
2. To audition for the 2019 Australian Survivor, you will need to be either a permanent resident or an Australian Citizen.
3. All participants must be good swimmers.
4. Contestants need to be both mentally and physically strong to survive in one of the toughest reality shows.
5. It is also most important to be able to engage with others, contestants also need to be comfortable to live closely with strangers.

The official starting date of Australian Survivor broadcasts is not announced yet, while the auditions are well underway. Should you be one of the last two standings, the legal hearers make the choice of who the finalist should be, and the sole survivor goes home with a stupendously high prize of $500,000 in cash. Other 2019 auditions already in full swing include First Dates 2019, Shark Tank Australia 2019 and The Bachelor Australia Auditions for next year.