Australia Crises Support Lifeline

Jack Richie took his own life in 2017, and his parent’s lawyer blames the government as the reason for his suicide is gambling addiction. Even two years later, this case places enormous pressure on governments to provide proper care for addicts and to provide sufficient information regarding the dangers of gambling addiction. The Australian Crises Support Lifeline publishes its details and contact number across all media forms, including Australian television and social media sites. It was found that over 55,000 children were identified to have gambling problems in Britain alone. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission released this figure.

450,000 Gamble Regularly

At the same time, the UK Gambling Commission also found that 450,000 gambled regularly, which is higher than the number that smoked, use drugs and use alcohol. Several measures are already in place, and many are added to improve the treatment addicts have access to. Fourteen gambling addiction clinics is to open, and the first NHS clinic will be open shortly. In the case of Richie, the lawyer argues that the state never provided him or any other addicts with the change to have meaningful psychiatric or medical treatment. He feels that was a lack in the provision of proper care or systemic dysfunction. This also raises the question on the lack of information that could assist anyone in saving their loved ones or family.

Tighter Regulation

The lawyers fighting the Richie case also argues that there should be tighter regulations to prevent addiction. His family seeks compensation from the government, although if their case wins, it might lead to others claiming financial compensation. Many families are dealing with relatives that suffer from gambling addiction. Apart from the monetary compensation claims the governments are forced to prevent cravings through tighter gambling regulations. The state was fully aware of the long-established link between suicide and gambling addiction, before the death of Richie. He took his own life because he suffered for an extended period from gambling disorder.

Gambling with Lives

Richie’s parents say their son’s addiction to gambling started when he spends his lunchtimes by visiting betting terminals. This took place when he was still a scholar. At age 24, his habit was more out of control than ever before, and at the time he was teaching English to students in Vietnam. Liz and Charles Richie founded a charity after their son died called Gambling with Lives. Millions of people enjoy online and land-based gambling as a form of fun and entertainment. Unfortunately, not everyone can control their habit, and in the case of Richie, the lawyers argue that it is the lack of offering proper treatment by the state.