Australian Cricketer Gets Five Years for Rape

The news headlines are focussed on Alex Hepburn and this time it is has nothing to do with his cricket career. The Australian cricketer is now described in the media as a foul sexist that was found guilty of raping a woman that was asleep.

Alex Hepburn, the ex-Worcestershire player, assaulted the victim in 2017 in his Worcester flat. The women had consensual sex with Joe Clarke his then-teammate. This weak the 23-year-old Hepburn was found guilty of rape and was sentenced to five years. He will spend the five years of his sentence at Hereford Crown Court.

Jim Tindal Feels Sexual Conquest Game is Degrading to Women

Jim Tindal, the judge, told Alex Hepburn that the game he set up his WhatsApp group that is based on a sexual conquest is degrading to women and so is his laddish behaviour. He also told Hepburn that he just arrogantly believed that during his attack, he would have the consent of his victim. The judge told him straight out that he thought he was God’s gift to all women. Tindal also said that Hepburn saw his victim as a piece of meat at the time and not a woman that was entitled to his and everyone else’s respect.

Hepburn Guilty on One Count of Oral Rape – Clear on One Rape Charge

Trivialised rape was a word easily used by Hepburn, and during the retrial, at the crown court in Worcester, he was cleared on a rape charge and found guilty on oral rape.

During the trial, it became known that the women woke up after she enjoyed a night out on the 1st of April and believed it was Mr Clarke who was having sex with her, but she was wrong and realised it was Hepburn. It was also Hepburn that added the rules to the game on his WhatsApp group called stat chat, about the many women he and Clarke could have sex with only one week before the rape.

Judge Tindal called his bid to collect as part of the game as many sexual encounters as possible, as foul sexism. The judge also said it demeaned women and the word that Hepburn threw around, trivialised rape, was taken lightly although he believed that Hepburn now realises just how dangerous his crime was.

The statement read to the court of the victim included that the women are still suffering from recurring nightmares; the form these take on is a repeat of the rape. It also led to the failure of her relationship. In describing the ordeal with Hepburn, she described it as a heinous and evil crime, and she says that she takes her hat off to anyone that suffered through a rape that can have a happy and healthy relationship.

She also added that she was still flooded with guilt that is can’s escape. During the trial, it was also mentioned that the women were at a nightclub where she met Clark before she returned with him to the flat. Hepburn lost his career, his liberty and good character and was sentenced to five years in jail.