Australian Series – Harrow – Now International Series

The first episode appeared on Australian television on the 9th of March 2018, and with it, viewers could look forward to ten episodes. The viewer’s reviews at the end of the first season streamed in, most screaming “How could you end such an awesome show”. Others gave it a huge hurrah, while it was also called the Quinsy with a hell of a twist, what everyone agreed on was that every single episode was truly amazing.

Harrow – Australian Masterpiece – Soon to become International Masterwork

Ioan Gruffudd was happy to start working on the second season, and by September, Harrow by ABC Studios International landed US distribution, the crime drama starring Gruffudd in the leading role, Harrow, celebrated the renewed contract for its second season, which tells the tale of Daniel Harrow, a forensic pathologist. Even the most bizarre cases are solvable via Harrow’s unfailing empathy for those who died combined with an attar disregard for authority. He is driven to provide every victim with a voice, and he could care less about how many rules he bends to achieve this.

What can stop the unstoppable Harrow is anything that threatens his family or his career, which is what happens when a terrible secret way from his past also threatens his career. This requires his wit as well as his forensic ungeniality.

Debuted in Australia in March 2018 – Season Two Aired in 2019

Harrow is produced in Australia, more specifically in Queensland and the very first episode debuted in March, and with its instant popularity, it came as no surprise that it received the Logie Award nomination in Australia for Outstanding Drama Series. The 2019 premiere of the second season starts in one month’s time in Brisbane on ABC1.

Created by Leigh McGrath as well as Stephen M Irwin, the series was written by Stephen M Irwin, and the executive producers are Nathan Mayfield and Tracey Robertson. Harrow airs on UKTV’s Alibi channel in the United Kingdom, in the US it is exclusive to Hulu. Apart from Gruffudd, the star-line-up includes Hunter Page-Lochard, Damien Garvey, Darren Glisehenan, Anna Lise Phillips, Ella Newton, Robyn Malcolm and Mirrah Foulkes.

Australian Newspapers – Harrow – Fabulous Crew and Cast

The series impress viewers and even the critics, most praise the writers for taking them on a journey filled with turns and twists. At the end of each program, players are left wanting more, and with the announcement that the second season will start in 2019, Australians have plenty to look forward to in the new year. While the AT&T could net nearly $1B from the sale of the Hulu stake after just two years of gains, US, viewers are delighted to have access to the show most describe as excellent, absolutely binge-worthy and one thing everyone agrees on, it that no one can wait for the next season to start.