Australian Sports Betting Site

In general, it might be safe to say that there is not a secure connection between citizens from California and the Aussies. When it comes to online betting sites, one primary Australian online gambling provider admits that a considerable part of their clientele comes from California. To be more specific, from Santa Clarita. These statistics were obtained through following the location of IP addresses based in the United States. Even though many US citizens are making use of this Australian site, it is a mentionable majority based in the state of California. This is very surprising to the management of Playamo Australia.

As Anthony Becker, the US regional manager for the company, explains, they were expecting more punters to originate from the states located more to the Eastern as well as the South-Eastern side of the US. According to him, states like Alabama and Florida would have made a lot more sense, but California is quite a surprise. California is located so close to Nevada that they would never have thought to obtain such tremendous support from there.

High Australian Presence

Even though they are adamant about doing further research into the matter to determine why so many Californians are making use of their site, they will take the utmost care to protect user’s identities at all times, he further stated. What also needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that there is a large number of Australian nationals living in Santa Clarita, who have moved there in the recent past. A number of these Australian nationals however also accessed their site from various other countries.

High Number of Californians

One reason which is assumed to be a cause of this high presence of Californians is based on the declining number of land-based casinos within the nearby Las Vegas. Another would be the high costs which punters need to pay to travel to Las Vegas, combined with the additional costs of accommodation and meals. Some also prefer not to go to Las Vegas at all, and the opportunity to place all their bets online from the comfort of their own homes is what they prefer.

Another reason which seems to be carrying some strong validation as well is based on the fact that California is the state with the most tribally owned casinos. These are often not adequately regulated by the local authorities, and therefore many local punters prefer to make use of properly licensed and regulated online casino sites which is based outside of the United States. Regardless however of the reason, Playamo is still grateful and pleasantly surprised by the strong US support on their site. Amidst a continually growing market of online casinos being available in California, it is not confident that the Australian site will keep this strong US support, but until then they are proud to be the preferred choice to many.