Australian Summer Tennis and Open Belongs to Channel Nine

Channel Nine not only claimed several awards at the end of 2018 but started the New Year on a high note when it recently secured the broadcasting rights of the 2019 Australian Open. According to Channel Nine it really pays to bring the rights deal forward year by year, and in 2019 it includes not only the Open but also the rest of the summer of tennis in Australia. 

Get Comfy with Strawberries & Cream

Channel Nine is showing the Australian Open in 2019 in agreement with the Tennis Australian and Seven Network according to their deal by one-year broadcasting agreement. In order to secure the rights for the seven over five years from the period starting in 2020, Channel Nine had to already pay $300 million but will need to fork out an additional $48.5 million to also broadcast the tournament taking place next year.

The Channel Nine deal encompasses the Melbourne hosted Australian Open and the lead up to the tournaments held in Australia, plus the Brisbane and Perth based Hopman Cup, and the Internationals in Hobart and Sydney.

Seven Ends Long-Time Relationship with Sport

Seven decided to offload the tennis broadcasting due to gaining the rights this year for domestic summer cricket and found that it would be challenging to show both the Test Matches as well as the Open at the same time.

Seven was praised and thanked for its long relationship in sports by Craig Tiley, the chief executive of Tennis Australia. During the praise, Tiley also shared that the partnership with Seven Network lasted over forty years and that both parties reached the agreement that would be best for the sports. He also announced the new agreement with Channel Nine and was optimistic about the summer and the opportunity to expand their content.

Channel Nice Rights & Other Rights Deals with Cricket Australia

Channel Nine’s right to mobile, digital, streaming and social platform broadcasting are all part of the deal.  At the same time, a four-year deal was agreed upon by the service and real estate’s company and classified Domain with Cricket Australia. The domain now joins Woolworths and Alinta Energy as the major domestic partners of the sport and the agreement involves the use of the content and branding of the company on the web, mobile and social media platforms, TV and on the cricket fields.

The partnership between Cricket Australia and Domain kicks off with great excitement since the aligned strategies in content and mobile represent a unique opportunity for both Australian Cricket and Domain. Melina Cruickshank, the chief editorial and marketing officer at Domain shared that the company believe in the spirit of cricket and look forward to both the opportunities and growth that the partnership will offer. The deal also includes Domain as the partner of men’s test cricket, which makes up for Australian Cricket losing their major partner, Magellan after the saga that involved tampering with the ball in South Africa. Even though the Magellan partnership would include a sponsorship deal for three-years, the sponsor walked away after the South African incident.