Australian Television

Australia started experimenting with television in 1929 already although mainstream television launched only in September 1956. Local programs include a broad selection of drama series, sports, comedy and news regarding current affairs over the first couple of years.

One of the funniest TV personalities is the host of Pointless on channel 10, aiming to ask contestants general knowledge questions about the obscure. The program Pointless is the Australian version of a very successful quiz show of the British aired since 2009. Yet host Humphries thought the correct answer was just not enough and therefore the hosts it with a touch of his quick wit, which keeps the show a success.

The longest running shows on television in Australia includes Four Corners, which was broadcasted from August 1961 and continues today. There are several shows broadcasted for 40 up to 60 years including Play School, Behind the News, Mr Squiggle, Here’s Humphrey and Mass for You at Home. The list of Australian television shows still broadcasted and started over 40 years ago includes Compass, Rage, Home and Away, Dateline, Neighbours, Today, 60 Minutes and Current Affairs.

TV Dramas are a Big Hit with Australian Viewers

TV drama has been a huge hit with Australian viewers since the 1950s and currently there are over 10 TV dramas completely unknown to the rest of the world, watches constantly by Australians. The longest of the dramas is Home and Away referred to as the dinosaur of local television. Dramas that keep viewers fascinated are those set in rural locales, police stations, shopping malls, courthouses, suburban streets, and blocks of flats, with storylines revolving around doctors or the police.

Television programs in Australia that had the highest viewers total were in 1997 on ABC, the Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. The second highest viewed program was in 1981 when Charles married Diana and in third place is the 2000 Summer Olympics closing ceremony on the Seven Network. Worldwide most watched broadcasts include the Apollo 11 moon landing watched by an estimated 530 million on the 20th of July 1969.

The highest rated programs on Australian television is the 2017 AFL Grand Final with a 2.72 million rating followed by the 2016 AFL Grand Final presentations with 3.20 million ratings. While most shows enjoy a long broadcasting period on Australian television there are a few flops and last year’s biggest disappointments included Yasmin’s Getting Married which received painfully low ratings and canned after only four episodes, and Reef Doctors, watched by only 357,000 viewers and voted as the worst ever show, broadcast only a couple of weeks. Excess Baggage was a star-studded show with Kevin Federline and Britney Spears teaming up with 8 contestants, the program hoped to enjoy the same success as The Biggest Loser, although the show in which the winner was announced saw only 44,000 viewers tune in.