Australian Traditions – Defining a Nation

Australia is a cultural medley with influences stretching back to their history under British rule as well as more ethnic contributions to those traditions which are best understood by Aussies alone. As with any other nation, cultures that are upheld are used to remember the past and to celebrate the future and state who they are as a nation in the world. To understand the true blue identity, you need to find a better grasp of these age-old traditions.

This day has been compared to Black Friday in the States. Yet many Aussies prefer to spend the day after Christmas, preferably on the couch and to enjoy some cricket, then being shuffled around in the madhouse of shopping centres driven by great deals. An excellent way for many Aussies hence is to start the day of dipping their fingers in some sports betting fortune with the variety of online sports betting opportunities open to them and to end the day of falling asleep in front of the television.

The Aussies Combination

Every sport-loving nation has its favoured snacks to enjoy on the sidelines while being entertained by the best. For some, it is corn dogs, and others prefer hot dogs, but in Australia, the preference is meat pies. No footy game will ever be complete without a Four’N Twenty meat pie in the hand while tomato sauce is dripping all over your fingers.

This is the rite of passage for the year 12 students to enjoy an abundance of fun before leaving school to enter the world of adult responsibility. This day is usually recognized by parades and harmless pranks, water gun wars and teary goodbyes.

Schoolies can be considered as the sequel to Muck Up Day, for not long after the year has been finished and all formal celebrations are completed, these graduates set off to the famous Gold Coast, schoolie destination of choice already since 1970. Schoolies are iconic of newfound freedom, of fun and indeed the last time that irresponsible behaviour might be excused due to nothing else except that you are a schoolie.

The annual Melbourne Cup is as much of a tradition as the number of barefoot women often staggering out after the event. As always they are dressed for the occasion from top to toe, and it is the toe part which becomes too exhausting during the day resulting in these ladies departing with stilettos in hand.