Australian TV Sports Ratings War

Last year the NRL season for the first time since 2010 eclipsed the AFL television ratings, which is a true reflection of the popularity closeness the games in the rugby league when compared to the AFL. At the same time, the NRL also changed the overall trend in the TV market in Australia, where the cumulative ratings declined by 7.2% in total over the previous year. The TV rating of the NRL is at 0.3% while the AFL’s TV rating declined by 12.8%. When it comes to rating and viewers totals worldwide, it is interesting to see the statistics that also indicates which are the most watched sports events.

Sports Events Most Watched in the History of Television

One thing that many sports fans can argue about is which of the sports events attract the most fan-interest, and the only way to know for sure is to check the scoreboard since numbers don’t lie.

10th Position: Cricket World Cup is in – Audience 400 Million

The world’s finest cricket is the 50-over tournament, and every four years an audience of 400 million enjoys it on television. The biggest of all matches in the history of the World Cup was in 2015 when more than 1 billion viewers watched India vs Pakistan.

9th Position: Winter Olympics – Audience 478 Million

The Winter Olympics manages to appeal to a viewer’s crowd of 478 million, it just misses the half-billion mark, although it is still not even close to the popularity of the Summer Olympics.

8th Position: Giro d’Italia– Audience 775 Million

Three weeks of racing in Italian weather between May and June, it is the Tour de France version in Italy, and it continues to gain popularity.

7th Position: Rugby World Cup – Audience 789 Million

An average of almost 800 million viewers enjoys the gentlemen’s game.

6th Position: Asian Games – Audience 986 Million

The Asian Games is where viewers can enjoy perfection in a quadrennial event that attracts almost a billion viewers.

5th Position: FIFA Confederations Cup – Audience 1 Billion

National teams face off in the rehearsal tournament taking place one year before the FIFA World Cup hosted by the country who won the hosting bid.

4th Position: UEFA Champions League – Audience 1.7 Billion

It is as prestigious as football gets and winning the trophy is what every single player dreams about, while, the tournament draws a massive viewer-audience of nearly 2 billion.

3rd Position: Olympic Games – Audience 2 Billion

The summer Olympics only comes around every four years to capture the imagination of billions of viewers, athletes become heroes, and the next even is in Tokyo in 2020.

2nd Position: Tour de France – Audience 2.6 Billion

The Tour de France is not only one of the most watched sports on TV but as an annual sporting event the best-attended.

1st Position: FIFA World Cup – Audience 3.5 Billion

The elite tournament of football takes place every four years, it turns players into legends, and it is the most watched sport in the history of television.