Australian’s adults are Risk-Takers and Love Placing Bets on Sport.

The best television programs in Australia is On the Ropes, Squinters and Riot, and Jack Irish is already in its second season. Seven is the most popular network and loved for its broadcasting of morning shows, primetime, news and major sports events. When it comes to poker, the World Series of Poker is one of the annual events.

Australian Television & Why the World Series of Poker is a Favourite

The main reason why the World Series of Poker enjoys such favoritism is the fact that Australians adults are risk-takers and love to place bets on sports, poker tournaments and just about everything else. The losses per Australian adult is only about twice as much like that of Americans.

In Australia the number of visitors to the Sydney Opera House is no longer the highest, double the amount of people visits the casino to enjoy real money play on slot machines. When it comes to Australian sports betting, the locals wager up to $11,000 per year per person, and that is only the average.

Australians Places the Highest Number of Bets

It is quite difficult to find winning success stories in the country that places the highest bets. But when you dig deep enough, you realise your original thought of them may also be being the biggest losers, is far from correct.

Australian lottery winners all say they purely depended on their luck, although it is the lucky winners on both the lotteries and pokie machines that enjoy massive payouts. When it comes to Powerball winners, the winnings reached $55 million up to more than $107 million. In casino wins a group of girls recently left a casino with victories worth $70 million.

Lucky Australian Winners

Let’s face it the lotteries don’t need any skill; all you need to do is purchase a ticket that contains the numbers you selected. Most winners want it to be kept a secret, just as the Chester-family did, not even their closest family or neighbours knew about the 18 million won they enjoyed. When it did come out was when they made a considerable donation to their local church.

Australian Professional Punters

One of the most lucrative forms of betting in sports and it is not only a great source of income to the bookies but also the punters. One thing that stands out is that Australian punters are obsessed with sports and don’t think much of placing huge bets daily. Adam Blencowe, John McLeod, Matt Welsh and Daniel Kelly are just some of the punters who gives tips to its array of followers. These are some of the most famous players of professional poker and have years of experience. There is no distinction really between people in business and successful punters; both found great wealth in what they do.

When it comes to the most famous and most successful bettors the names that comes to mind is Kerry Packer, Alan Woods and Mel Judah, but they’re not the only ones. In our next article, we take a look at Australia’s famous punters.