Australian’s Anger About Horse Racing Ads at the Sydney Opera House

The decision by the New South Wales Government to advertise horse races on the Sydney Opera House sails has angered many Australians. Declared a world heritage site most feel it is degrading that it is now used for the marketing of horse races.

The United Nation is looking into it, especially since the mayor, Clover Moore, is appalled by action. She made a statement that was published by the Guardian in which the whole movement is described as deliberate commercialisation of the Opera House.

World Heritage Listing of Sydney Opera House in Danger

A world heritage site that is used for marketing the services of an industry that is notorious for animal cruelty and damaging gambling. Moore encouraged Australian’s to write to the Liberal premier and to express their disgust with what is happening. It risks the Opera House in Sydney’s listing as a world heritage site.

Throwing Garbage at the Opera House, An Australian Landmark

A spokesperson for the UNESCO would not make a statement; the Guardian reported that the only time they could expect word is once all the details are available. The Opera House’s architect was available for comment. He feels the marketing action is the same as throwing garbage at one of the most famous landmarks in Australia.

Sydney Opera House is Not A Billboard

Crocket told the Guardian that it is not a billboard; it is an architectural masterpiece that is listed as a world heritage site. Alan Jones made it clear that the Sydney Opera house belongs to all Australian’s and not to Louise Herron.

ABC Radio Talks

Due to the anger and frustration over the advertising, ABC Radio invited everyone to phone in regarding the Sydney Opera House situation. Luke Foley, the Labour Leader of NSW, backed the racing plan. Anthony Albanese called ABC radio and told Australian’s to chill out.

Can Australian’s Persuade Government to Change Course?

The biographer of the 2017 Conservation Plan, Crocker hopes that the response of the public will persuade the members of government to change course. It is time for the citizens to stand up for what they believe in.
Herron Was Threatened to Go Along with NSW Racing

At first, the management of the Opera House rejected the whole idea suggested by Louise Herron. Rumours now suggest that Jones told Herron that she would be sacked, should she refuse Racing NSW to use the sails as a billboard. Herron was ordered by Berejiklian to honour the NSW Racing application.

National Outrage About Gambling Ad on Opera House

The gambling advertisement will damage the reputation and the standing of the world heritage site in Australia. It will hurt its world listing, and many feel it is not a billboard next to the road that can be used for marketing purposes. Racing NSW wanted to advertise the race taking place on the 13th of October called the Everest Cup.