Australia’s Best & Most Famous Presenters

Presenters in Australia that are famous includes sports heroes, social media icons, and adventurers. The most popular of all is Steve Irwin, best known by his nickname, The Crocodile Hunter. Irwin was one of the most loved wildlife experts in Australian and achieved world fame both as a conservationist and television personality.

Steve Irwin – The Crocodile Hunter

After Irwin achieved worldwide fame for his television series call The Crocodile Hunter a documentary series broadcasted internationally, broadcasted together with his wife Terri, he was given the series name as a nickname. The couple operated and owned the Australia Zoo, founded by his parents in Beerwah, which is about eighty kilometres to the north of Queensland the capital of Brisbane.  Steve Irwin was 44 years of age when he died after a stingray pierced his heart while he was busy filming the documentary called the Ocean’s Deadliest.

Chris Mainwaring – West Coast Eagles Football Player

Christopher Douglas Mainwaring played in the Victorian Football League and the East Fremantle for the West Coast Eagles. The footballer became one of the most loved sports journalist’s and television presenters with Seven News in Perth while he was also a Mix 94.5 radio presenter. As a member of the inaugural squad in 1987, he made his debut at Subiaco against Sydney and was nicknamed Mainy. After a knee injury and reconstruction, Mainy retired in 2001 and started working at Seven News. He died in 2007 after he was rushed to the Sir Gairdner Hospital after he collapsed and told paramedics that he had taken cannabis and ecstasy.

Stephanie Brantz – Australian Sports Presenter

Stephanie Brantz started her career in television in 2000. Since she appeared on SBS, she also worked with Fox Sports, Nine Network and at ABC. Born in Brisbane Australia, Bratz became the SBS face during the FIFA World Cup in 2006 and was recruited by Eddie McGuire the CEO of Nine in July 2006 as the presenter of several programmes including The Cricket Show, The Footy Show and Nine News.

Andrew Voss – Sports Commentator in Australia

Andrew Voss is currently employed with SKY Network Television as well as Australia Fox Sports and best known as the commentator of the rugby league. Voss is 51 years of age and has previously also worked on the NRL Footy Show at the Nine Network. He was the host of the 2002 Boots N’ All show and until 2011 The Sunday Roast. Voss covered a huge variety of sporting events including the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, and the Sydney Olympic Games before travelling to London to cover the Summer Olympics of 2012.

By 2013, Voss became the lead commentator for UK Premier Sports and handled all the coverage of the Rugby League World Cup in 2013. The term let’s have some fun was made his own by Voss, which uses the phrase at the beginning of most matches he covers.