Australia’s Most Famous Punters

It was quite an exciting search to discover Australia’s prominent businessmen who also enjoy significant success in betting. Like we promised in our last article, this week, we take a more in-depth look at the betting giants who make millions through betting.

The Famous Win in Baccarat by Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer’s story is not one of those rags-to-riches tales that sends your imagination off to dreamland once again. Packer inherited a fortune, and he started in betting with a whole string of losses, the amount he lost came to $28 million. His success story is more based on determination-to-win it big.

He did not give up, not even after losing millions and he finally started to win good money on cricket bets and horse racing. He also loves slots and table games and won over $33 million. But what he is known for is playing twenty hands, on baccarat and winning $115,000. Right now, his family operates a casino as well as the World Series Cricket operation.

The Packer Family Bought the Melbourne Crown Casino from Lloyd Williams

In betting success, it seems that the big winners are all linked or so it seems with the Packer family. But let’s take it from the starts, Lloyd Williams started the Crown Casino, which is the biggest in Melbourne. He became famous when he won four Melbourne Cups; these happened across a few years beginning in 1981 to 2012. When he decided to sell his casino eventually, it was the Packer family that stepped in to purchase it.

Other Highly Successful Australian Punters

Apart from the achievement and victories of the Packers, there is also Alan Woods, a mathematician who made a name for himself as one of the most impressive horse racing bettors. Data on his winnings do not exist although his name is present in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. This is due to his interest in blackjack, apart from horse racing. Many Australian casinos banned him, but that was after he and his syndicate made 40 of the available four jackpots theirs. His business was called the Bankroll Punters Club, and with clever calculations and the use of rebates, they earned tons.

Mel Judah Earned More Than $3 Million in Live Poker Tournaments.

Mel Judah’s tale is another fantastic tale of success; he learned how to play poker at an early age. When he was 14 years old, he knew the rules backwards and eventually he turned his hobby into his fulltime career. As a professional Australia player, he made more than $3 million just in live tournaments.

Jeffrey Rossiter The Youngest to Win Over $5 Million in Poker

Jeffrey Rossiter is another player that learned all the ins and outs of poker at a very young age. He is the youngest poker player in Australia to have made more than $5 Million in his twenties, and that was still at the start of his career path.