Best Programs for September in Australia

Every month, Australian Netflix adds a brand-new batch of TV programs and films to its library. The shows offer non-sports fans something to do while others work on sports betting strategies. The Sun Newspaper just published the results of the fourth test, England vs Australia in which the Aussies got 170-3 on a rainy opening day. Day two of the test is about to start at 11 am, and sports fans can catch the game on Sky Sports Ashes. Sky clients can download the app to watch the game no matter where they go.

Everyone else is planning their watching on Netflix, The Spy starts on the 6th of September, and the creator of Prisoners of War directs the six-part thriller. Sacha Baron Cohen, the British comedian, plays a dramatic role and have never starred in anything quite like this. Cohen will be seen in The Spy as Eli Cohen, the agent that gathered intelligence in the early sixties in Syria. The mission to help his country conquer the war in 1967. The Spy is a character-driven film, and it is based partly on a more modern Middle East history as well as the toll of the missions that took place undercover.

Unbelievable Starts

A true story inspires the mini-series Unbelievable; it offers an intertwining tales the one is about a young girl in her teenage years who fail to get the authorities to believe that a home invader sexually assaulted her. The other tale is about the detectives that investigate crimes that might confirm the trail they suspect to a serial rapist. The mini-series is created by Susannah Grant, who got an Oscar nomination for Erin Brockovich. The procedural drama, Unbelievable, doubles the critique of rape investigations by the American police.

Max Brallier and Douglas Holgate is a unique combination when it comes to best seller films, Brallier as an author and Holgate for his novels. The Last Kids on Earth tells the tale of a group of teenagers that battles monster and zombies. The animated version offers a retro inventive pulp tone with a hint of the light-heartedness of the book it is based on. The all-star cast includes Rosario Dawson, Keith David, Bruce Campbell and Mark Hamill.

The excellent line-up for September also includes Criminal, Disenchantment Part Two starting on the 20th of September and Bard of Blood on the 27th of September. The Politician begins on the 27th as well, and the actors include Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Lange. Great films this month includes Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, The Deep Season Two, Moving Art, Season Three, Hip-Hop Evolution Season Three and Travels with My Father, Season Three.