Big Mouth Season Four Airing This Fall

The fourth season of Big Mouth will be released to Netflix by Fall 2020. This announcement follows after Nick Kroll, the creator of Big Mouth, held a live stream through YouTube. Fans asked questions to the well-known comedian and were then informed of the Fall 2020 release. Those unaware of the Big Mouth Series would find similarities behind American Dad or Family Guy. It’s an adult animated series that stars notable actors like John Mulaney, Jason Mantzoukas, Andrew Goldberg and many others.

The unique element of this adult animated sitcom is that it centres around Middle School Students. They’re navigating through the awkwardness of puberty, meaning an overwhelming level of hormones and emotions. Each character has a specific distinction that separates them from the rest, making for unique engagements that most adult sitcoms haven’t shown. There have also been three seasons released to Netflix, with a fourth coming shortly. This isn’t surprising since Big Mouth is one of the most popular television shows with Netflix.

Announcement Details

Nick Kroll provided the Fall 2020 release date while hosting a “Live Table Read” through YouTube, which was supported with Netflix is a Joke campaign. Kroll noted that everyone involved is working hard to create the 4th season and that there aren’t any expected delays in production. Most fans were questioning is the 4th season wouldn’t arrive for a prolonged period following the Covid-19 pandemic. It should be noted that this broadcasted stream included a Q&A Session through the Zoom Platform. All cast were present to engage in the questioning session.

Fans were excited to learn that Covid-19 won’t delay one of the most beloved sitcoms in 2020. It was relieving to hear that projects are being unaffected, with Big Mouth being a moment of excitement and happiness for thousands worldwide. It takes you back to a time of hilarious moments during puberty. It should be mentioned that the Live Table Read was accomplished for charity, with all donations going towards the Feeding America Campaign. It’s not known how much was earned, with those figures expected to be released on April 1st.