Blackish Season Seven Receives Six Additional Episodes

ABC Broadcasters have announced that Blackish will receive an additional six episodes on backorder. The confirmation came after a two-hour animated special for Blackish, which focused on America’s 2020 election. For supporters, this announcement has been welcomed with the 7th season receiving the lowest episode order since it’s initial launch. It should be noted that the animated two-hour special coincided with the 7th season’s premiere on October 21st.

Blackish surrounds an African American family that sustains middle-class values. The Johnsons are forced into hysterical & challenging scenarios surrounding societal problems throughout the United States. Ever since premiering in 2014, Blackish has found itself the most popular & top-rated comedies for ABC until it’s 6th season. Lack of viewership for season six prompted ABC to order fourteen episodes for 2020. However, that decision coincided with the Black Lives Matter Movement & ABC changed their mind early into October. It’d be confirmed that Blackish is receiving an additional six episodes, enabling a full 21-episode season.

ABC Broadcasters adores this series from Kenya Barris & Anthony Anderson. Their love for the Ish-Universe has prompted two spinoffs, with a third being created. Mixed-Ish, Grown-Ish, and Old-Ish are all slated to receive their next seasons in 2021. Most critics question how long ABC can continue the Ish-Universe with its popularity dwindling per year. It’s suspected that Blackish will conclude with ten seasons, while it’s spinoffs will likely get cancelled before their 3rd entries.

Faith Restored

It appeared that ABC Broadcasters were ready to focus on the spinoff series of Blackish while allowing its primary brand to begin phasing out for new storylines. The Black Lives Matter Movement, COVID-19 Pandemic, and 2020 US Election allowed for ABC to get restored faith in the Blackish brand. It’s believed that audiences will tune-in at more significant volumes than before to witness how the Johnson family navigates severe societal problems. Political commentary in a sitcom format will become a primary attribute of Season 7s final six episodes, which will extend to a likely 8th season.

ABC Broadcasters even updated their synopsis of Blackish, which reads that a father must gain his cultural identity & sense while raising his family in a middle-class neighbourhood that’s predominantly white.