Celebrities Hit Perth Casino

When Batman doubles down, he does it in style, and while others may play a few hands at the baccarat or roulette table, Affleck plays all night. Ben Affleck is also called the real deal when it comes to showing off his style at craps or the blackjack tables. Does he win you ask, oh hell yes in 2004, Affleck got himself a win worth $350,000 during the California Stake Poker Championship in 2002. Afterwards, the Batman star got banned by the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas as they believe he counted cards.
Affleck is known for his performance in Batman, and he is the director of Argo, which won multiple awards. If you hope to see him during your Las Vegas trip, well word has it that he hangs around for all night no-limit action at the Las Vegas Palms. His bets on no-limit poker are always approximately $1,000 chips. If so happens that a seat opens and you want to play a game against this mega Batman star, you will remember we hope, that Batman always beat the joker.

Styles Favour Roulette

First the spokesperson of One Direction and now an international star, Harry Styles quickly tells you that roulette is his game of choice in casinos. Harry Styles is said to be seen often at the table games of a few casinos around the globe. His favourite remains the Crown Casino in Perth. He learned all about it during the band, One Direction’s tour.

Styles Get Banned from Las Vegas Casinos

When One Direction was on tour in Australia, Harry Styles would dodge the rest of the group often, which frustrated them, to enjoy a few rounds of casino games. Style’s always head to the closest roulette table although he also has a considerable affection for blackjack. He was barred from a few casinos in Las Vegas due to underage gambling. But that is all in the past as now the star is old enough to game and gamble whenever he wants.

Surf and Spin by Baywatch Crew

When you hear the word Baywatch you think of Pamela Anderson as a lifeguard dressed in a red costume. She was the main reason many guys would happily get in a dangerous ocean situation, only with the hope that she would save them and perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Anderson has done many things that got the attention of the media, including marrying a rock star and posing for Playboy. She is the main attraction in two Playboy slots; the first debuted in Las Vegas Casinos in 2005. She loves slots, and many have spotted her in a Las Vegas hotel playing the slots she features in. She also stars in online slots in which she is the lifeguard on a mission to lead players to big win situations.