Chucky Television Reboot Postpones Filming till 2021

Hollywood has struggled to continue production on 90% of their upcoming shows & films amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been confirmed by the USA Network/Syfy Channel that production on the television reboot for Chucky has been postponed because of the epidemic. Show producers had promised that the premiere date for Chucky wouldn’t be altered amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with directors hoping filming would resume by the end of 2020. Post-production afterwards would take several days per episode. It’s a format numerous shows implement and will enable them to return weeks after their production crews have resumed work.

The Good & Bad

Chucky first came into existence during the late 1980s, evoking fear into children & adults worldwide. Several sequels have followed since “Child’s Play” was released 30+ years ago, with the overwhelming majority receiving horrendous reviews from critics & fans alike. It prompted the USA Network/Syfy Channel to implement new strategies on what can be done to revitalize the Chucky franchise. What followed next shocked long-time fans of this franchise, with it being revealed that Brad Dourif & Jennifer Tilly are returning to Chucky. Tilly played the Bride of Chucky & Dourif helmed the original version of the haunted doll.

Chucky’s show producers have failed their fans by postponing production. This show was initially expected to arrive for October 2020. However, reports indicate that delayed filming will force the USA Network/Syfy Channel to release this show for 2021. Production can’t resume until the Canadian Government allows for the US/Canada Borders to reopen, with Chucky filming in Toronto. Other locations could be selected in the United States of America if the Canadian Government doesn’t allow for resumed production by November 2020.

There are positives associated with the delayed filming & production of Chucky. Writers have ample time to review their work, make changes, and create a more formidable storyline. The Chucky TV Show is centring around the comedic horror that made Child’s Play One, Child’s Play Two, and the Bridge of Chucky notable films. The franchise lost its way after the initial three movies & never regained its cult-like popularity. Syfy & the USA Network plan to change that in 2021.