Community Movie Conversations are Happening

There are television series that enter the classic cult phase, where millions worldwide have adopted this particular show and demanded for more seasons. One series that entered the cult phase was Community from Dan Harmon, which has a considerably loyal fanbase. These supporters have continuously pushed towards the instalment of a movie, with it often being remarked throughout this sitcom that there’d be Six Seasons and a singular film. Considering that six seasons have already been filmed, all that remains is Community – The Movie.

This television series starts with the simple concept surrounding a Community College, where several students meet together in a diverse group for studying. It’s always for their Spanish class, which was a trope often used to create hysterical moments surrounding the Latin American Culture. This included a short rap from Troy & Abed that remains popular today. Particular episodes from Dan Harmon showed how their director could reinvent the sitcom genre, like “Pillow & Blankets”, or “The Fistful of Paintballs”. Dan Harmon’s directing capabilities shined through the incredible cast of Community, which included people like Alison Brie and Joel McHale.

Community was similar to another sitcom from NBC, with that respective property being named Chuck. Both series struggled to be renewed season after season. Both reached a breaking point by the 3rd season, with Chuck having to request donations from supporting fans. Similar measures were imposed with Community. However, after five seasons the series was moved over to Yahoo. The cast would engage for a sixth and final season, waiting for the time to reunite for a movie.

Possible Storyline

Discussions regarding the potential for this cast & Dan Harmon reuniting have begun after these individuals engaged in a publicly recorded Zoom meeting. Their privately discussing what storyline would be best for the movie. We’re personal supporters behind Community and believe a potential storyline could include a ten-year reunion at Greendale. All our favourites would return, including Chevy Chase as Pierce Hawthorn. Dean Craig Pelton would hold another paintball war throughout Greendale, which would prompt old rivalry and comedic love connections.