Cooper Cronk Settles in One of the Best and Most Expensive Mansions in Sydney

The list of the best celebrity houses in Australia also includes that of sports star Cooper Cronk and Tara Rushton. Their home in Sydney appears on most lists of the best houses owned in Australia by celebrities and is classed on the same level as that of Sam Frost, Lleyton and Bec Hewitt, and Salim Mehajer.

Charcoal House Owned by Buddy Franklin

While the list of the best home includes some of the most impressive mansion, it is the home of Jessica and Buddy Franklin that stands out most. Not for its value or fancy garden, well not even for its unusual style, but for its paint. It was indeed a bold move to select charcoal as indicated by designer and interior stylist Juliet Love.

Salim Mehajer

When it comes to Australia television, the one man that kept Australians glued to their screen was the former Auburn major. When he was disgraced, he merely left his home and put it up for rent. The mansion is equipped with 56 surveillance cameras, a built-in aquarium and solarium. The six-bedroom four-story house is located on Frances St. It featured five bathrooms and was advertised by reality estates for $2,950 per week.

Fatty Vautin’s Bag Million

Known most for The Footy Show, Paul Vautin was let go in October. Although his mind focused on the sale of his three bedroom home in Broad beach. The apartment was now priced at $1,175, although he bought the house 17 years ago for $410,000 and made some improvements on it.

Love Nest of Bachelorette Sophie Monk

There was a time when every Australian wanted a peek inside the Gold Coast home of Sophie Monk. The Helensvale mansion was bought by the bachelorette then aged 37 years old for $1.1 million and her dream was to raise a family and to get cosy with Stu Laundy, her prince charming. The Helensvale mansion consists of an in-ground pool, fantastic view over the river, three-bathrooms, five-bedrooms, and while it is situated on a 4,000 sqm block, it also has a jetty.

Bachelorette, Sam Frost also bought a townhouse in Sydney, close to Sydney Park for $1.2. The property features a car space, three bedrooms and three bathrooms, after spending months searching for the perfect home on the eastern coastline of Sydney.

Tara Rushton and Cooper Cronk Buy Mansion in Mosman

During their engagement, Tara Rushton and Cooper Cronk finally found a home in Sydney they wanted to make their permanent home. It is ideally situated, close to the rugby union territory and prized at $3.5 million. The star of the Storm’s bought the 1915 Federation home and renovated it before showcasing all the latest finishes, which includes both exterior and interior spaces completed by an entertainment haven.