Downtown Abbey movie proceeding

After months of speculating it is finally confirmed that the Downton Abbey movie is proceeding. The original cast will once again meet at Downton Abbey to provide millions of fans with top performances from Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville and Michelle Dockery and if the return of the main stars is what you hoped for, it is now officially confirmed. The invitation above was used on Twitter to announce and confirm that the Downton Abbey film is moving forward.

Downton Abbey is one of the most watched historical drama series on television for 52 episodes viewers enjoyed the theme song “Did I Make the Most of Loving You” while waiting to re-join with the Crawley family. The program kicked off with the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 and offers fans a close and personal look at the chronicle ups and downs of the servants and British aristocrats. It focusses on the several changes that took place from the 1920s into the 20th century and how Mrs Patmore protested in trading her icebox for a refrigerator.

Most of the Downton Abbey programs had a viewer’s average of 6.39 million, although with its ever-increasing popularity the final episode was attended by 9.6 million viewers. During the 5th season, the series generated well over 190,000 tweets on Twitter as well as more than 24 million impressions.

Gareth Neame Directing

Carnival Film’s editor, Gareth Neame said once the series drew closer to its finale it was his dream to provide millions of fans with a movie as they pleaded for more Downton Abbey drama’s. It is the next chapter of the Crowley’s fans continued begging for, and finally, the film is official, and the whole world can once more visit Downton, only this time it is on the big screen.

The Downton Abbey movie filming has already stared in the United Kingdom and is set for release early in 2019. Although not confirmed the film will premier globally on the 13th of September 2019. While fans were heartbroken after having to say goodbye the Crawley’s, the cast found it as hard to wave goodbye to Downton and their fellow actors. Most felt it strange to say goodbye to the castle, Lady Edith played by Laura Carmichael said it felt for a split second like Downton was no longer home their home. The cast was remarkably quiet about the upcoming events in each of the series and unlike so many other, none of the fans had any idea of what to expect next while the attention to detail was simply sensational.

While some of the actors miss the rest of the cast, many also agreed that they miss the peacefulness of the era in which the story took place. Downton Abbey was one of few series that appealed to both young and old, the era has charm, the detail expresses a time-period in which everyone still got dressed-up for dinner, for most of the fans a dream era, now soon to return to the big screen and everyone is invited to Downton once more.