Falcon and Winter Soldier TV Series Face New Delays

The European Union & United States are slowly becoming enemies under the leadership of Donald Trump, with Europe’s disgust towards America becoming evident over COVID-19. This was proven again under the announcement that the United States will be barred from having their civilians travel to Europe. Special exemptions aren’t being provided to Actors from Hollywood, prompting significant concern that delayed filming schedules will continue even as travel restrictions are lifted for most nations.

The Potential Story

One show that’s facing filming postponements from this barring is “Marvel’s: The Falcon & The Winter Soldier”. It’s one of several Series slated for Disney+ in the MCU, with both Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan returning in their roles from the Avengers/Captain America films. It’s known that former characters from the Captain America franchise are turning in this TV Adaptation, with Baron Zemo expected to be the Falcon’s first enemy. Sharon Carter is also returning in some capacity, most likely in a flashback set.

Another element of “The Falcon & Winter Soldier” is the rumoured introduction of Isaiah Bradley. This man played the 1st African American version of Captain America, with fans now concerned that Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) won’t become the very thing that Steve Rogers desired from his partner. Following the chances of this rumour being real, Sam Wilson will struggle to take the mantle of Captain America. This has been conventional in the comics, but inevitably Sam adapts to his new role, becoming a formidable force for the United States.

Filming Delays

There are minimal chances that “The Falcon & Winter Soldier” can complete filming before 2021, causing substantial rifts towards when this Series will release on Disney+. Filming for this Series was maintained in Prague, with productions allowed to resume in this region. However, the European Union decides to enable Americans to return international travel to their area. The EU Travel Ban won’t allow for Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, or any other actor slated for this Series to arrive in Prague. Disney hasn’t provided any clarification to how they’ll solve this issue. Expect significant delays with the releasing of this Disney+ Series.