Fargo Season Four with Chris Rock

Noah Hawley premiered a revolutionary drama back in 2014, which has spawned three sequel seasons that are considered better than a large percentage of films. The 4th season of Fargo debuted its trailer earlier in August, showcasing an untimely organized crime war that’s helmed by Chris Rock. Based on “Fargo – The Movie” from the Coen Brothers, it’s a comedy-drama anthology series that killed off its main character in 2014.

The show will now move towards a new era in the Fargo Universe, taking place throughout the 1950s. The anticipation behind the upcoming series has grown tenfold since Chris Rock was confirmed to be playing the new lead role. Fargo Season Four will also include other notable actors like Ben Whishaw, Jason Schwartzman, Amber Midthunder, Timothy Olyphant, Salvatore Esposito, and Glynn Turman.

Synopsis of Fargo Season Four

For the 1st time in this franchise’s history, Fargo is moving away from its home territory & placing its newest setting in Kansas City throughout the 1950s. Missouri is known to have houses multiple crime families, including the Italian and African American Mafia. Their truce wavers throughout the 1950s & inevitably leads to unexpected violence. It results in a series of events that occur in exploitation, transgression, and assimilation. Noah Hawley has guaranteed that the 4th season will maintain more action & drama than ever before, while also maintaining the standard hysterics seen.

Selecting Chris Rock to combine both these genres into a powerful performance was the correct choice, especially when considering that his last notable public appearance would’ve been Grown Ups Two. This role will be considerably different than what’s been seen of Chris Rock before.

Premiere Delay

The 4th season of Fargo was initially slated to premiere during April 2020. This was pushed back after the COVID-19 Pandemic forced numerous shutdowns onto the entertainment industry, prompting Post-Production to become drastically slower with employed personnel working from home. The FX Network confirmed that eight of ten episodes for their anthology series had been completed, prompting the official premiere date to remain unknown. It also confirms that the season four trailer doesn’t show all events that take place during Chris Rock’s era in Fargo.