Favourite Australian Snacks

The world is still focused on the events in Japan and wondering whether the Wallabies will be in the finals when the Australian A-League season openers are scheduled to take place. This is truly a time with loads of options and activity at the bookmakers. Regardless of whether you prefer a more land-based option or the online alternative, the odds are high, and the opportunities are endless. Thus all we need now is an excellent food to nibble during these stressful times, food to celebrate with and food to comfort when Lady Luck didn’t do her duties and left a load of despair in her absence. Let’s explore what are the favourite delights which the nation down under snack on during these stressful times.

Tim Tams

Tim Tams are not exclusive to Australia, but only in Australia will you find the real Tim Tams. The ones with which a Tim Tam Slam is possible. A Tim Tam Slam is when you bite off both sides of the cookie and dips it into a glass of milk and then suck the fluid through the biscuit. With the Australian made Tim Tams the inside of the cookie is melted away by the liquid, making for a delicious sweet treat.


The perfect barbeque to celebrate a victory will have some snags. Ditch the hotdog rolls and use an ordinary slice of bread to fold like a pocket around the sausage, cooked on the grill. Top this off with just the correct amount of sauce and some crunchy onions, and you have a great meal in your hands. The word snag means sausage in Australia, but can also be used to describe this hearty combination of bread, sausage and sauce.

Hand-sized Pies

Who doesn’t love a great pie? Especially if they are made to a perfect bite-size ready to fit into your hand. Filled with excellent quality minced meats, mashed potatoes, onions, gravy and mushrooms. Ideally served with a squish of tomato sauce next to the footy field. Even though this is a favourite snack while watching sport, it is also enjoyed during picnics, outing or just because they are great regardless of where you are.

Caramel Slices

Caramel slices are perfect when your sweet tooth is calling you to action, but a slice of cake will be an overkill and a block of fudge overindulgence. Caramel slices had their origin in Ireland but soon got an Australian twist to the trusted recipes and are now genuinely Aussie food. Once you have mastered these recipes, give yourself the freedom to experiment and create variety. With either Mars bars or Milo, both great options to create from a long list of possible flavours.

Life Savers

Because sometimes emergencies occur and you don’t have time to prepare the comfort you are seeking, then don’t despair. Many genuinely, Australian sweets will do the job. Look out for Violet Crumble, Minties, Jersey Caramels or Fatales.