First Australian Original on NetFlix – Tidelands

The first Australian Netflix series has just arrived, and there is a whole lot of beach with plenty of eye-candy including ribbed abdomens and cleavage. Still, the show has been criticised by many as a supernatural drama disguised as soap opera. The locals feel it is a bit short of real, has obscure protocols and maybe a complete meaningless drama.

Elsa Pataky is seen as Adreille, which has a slow way of speaking turning every single sentence in somewhat a poetic statement also intended to imply wisdom. Arielle is a combination of a cult leader, sorceress and a surfer babe. She is also a Bond villain and her role in Tidelands is that of a ringleader.

Tidelands on Facebook and Twitter

The most popular social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook describes Tidelands as a series with a theatrical and moody aesthetic. The headlines on social media also feel that the actors might have actually rocked up thinking they about to star in a commercial, well they indicate a Coke commercial. The actors were then completely surprised when they actually discovered themselves bathed in creative lightning.

First Episode of Tidelands

In the very first episode, it all starts at sea, and it is a stormy night when a naked woman pushes her finger into a man’s eye sockets on a boat. Toa Fraser, the director and the screenwriters, starts the series in quite a disorientating way, without a clear storyline and viewers have to wait until some kind of clarity is offered. Charlotte Best as Cal McTeer is the lead character and is just released out of prison. She returns to her hometown, Orphelin Bay and is still trying to fight her traumatic past, the visions are offered via intense flashbacks.

What Tidelands is About

After the first show, The Verge described Tidelands as a series tailor-made for a drinking game that was nudity based. The Guardian feels the first Australian original is vacuous.

The body of a fisherman is found on the beach, and this places the towns drug smuggling on public display. Investigators are about to discover all the hidden secrets of the town including the outcasts who live on the outskirts of the town, which are dangerous, beautiful and half-human/half-siren. Tidelands stars Fast and Furious star Elsa Pataky as the alluring and mysterious Adreille Cuthbert, which is the leader and will do anything and everything to protect her people.

The series on Netflix is eight episodes long, which includes Home, Oprihans of L-Atente, Not One of You, Don’t Trust Humans, The Calling, Loyalty, The Prophecy and The Queen’s Knife. Maybe towards the end of season one viewers will enjoy and understand this Australian made series, which is at this stage the only way it would be able to return as a second season, although all the bad publicity at the moment is not too promising for the return of Tidelands.