Five new Australian TV shows to watch in 2018

The 2018 fall season on Australian television is as always, looking forward to a wide assortment of different programs. Australians love their crime shows and this season that will be itched with multiple shows geared towards this genre of television drama.

As the season fast approaches, we thought it would be good to take a look are what you can expect this season. Here is the top five;

Mystery Road

Mystery Road will join ABC-TV and will star Aaron Pederson. There are few better actors who could fill the boots of this role of Jack Thompson and Chips Raffert. He will reprise his role as detective Jay Swan, one with an alcohol problem. This role was first seen in the movie Mystery Road in 2013 and Goldstone in 2016. Directed and written by Ivan Sen, the new series has been handed over to Rachel Perkins and will be a six-part mini-series.

Mr Inbetween

This is the first production from the American cable company FX into the Australian market. In the U.S, FX has had multiple hits, and Mr Inbetween is one that is somewhat of a sequel to FX’s The Magician, a drama that features a hitman protagonist but with an edgy sense of humour. It will span six episodes and will be directed by Nash Edgerton.

Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour is a four-part mini-series that, for fans of psychological thrillers, will enjoy. It is based around four friends who come across asylum seekers on a broken down boat heading to Australia while on their yacht. The series is directed by Glendyn Ivin and written by Belinda Chayko.

Australian Gangster

Australian Gangster is a crime drama based series that is written by Gregor Jordan. It is to be based on a tale about an ambitious gangster where the Westie underworld and Instagram generation collides with the social elite of Sydney. The series will be directed by Daina Reid, who previously directed the series Sunshine in 2017.

Muslims Like Us

Muslims Like Us is a reality-based series that many refer to as ‘Muslim Big Brother’. It will follow ten Australian Muslims 24 hours a day as they share a house together over the course of a week. As one can expect, there will be drama and producers are hoping to achieve the same success its U.K version did that was produced by the BBC.