Fred Willard Passes Away at 86

One of the most influential comedic actors from the last five decades passed away earlier this week. Fred Willard from Anchorman, Best of Show, and countless sitcoms died at 86 years of age. He lived an exciting and adventurous lifestyle that included enlisting into the army before becoming an actor. Fred was born on September 18th at Shaker Heights Hospital in 1933. He spent the majority of his early life within Ohio before enlisting with the armed forces, only to join the entertainment industry at thirty-three with the 1967 picture, “Teenage Mother”.

Fred Willard wouldn’t become a notable name across the United States until 1997, which is when his acting career flourished. This was because he obtained a temporary position on the soap opera drama named “Mary Hartman”. Through this television series, Fred would meet his wife and marry her nine years after joining the show. They’d become notably inseparable until Fred’s wife died in 2018.

This actor became infamous for his notable improvisation skillsets, showcasing timing with his comedic talents unlike anyone during the 1970s. Fred will forever be remembered for obtaining countless laughs with a substantial audience worldwide. Notable roles throughout Willard’s career included Waiting for Goffman, Modern Family, and Chuck. Fred Willard also creating multiple mockumentaries that were cemented into culture back in the late 90s. Those included For Your Consideration, and The Mighty Wind.

May 15th marked the date that Fred Willard passed away, with the Los Angeles Coroners Office noting it was from natural causes and not the coronavirus. Willard is survived by his grandson, Freddie Muhlberger and his daughter, Hope Muhlberger. They both remarked that Fred passed away peacefully and was lucky enough to be surrounded by his family until the very end. Funeral arrangements for Fred Willard will be made public later this month.

Public Condolences

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Henry Winkler, Judd Apatow, and Jamie Lee Curtis made public condolences towards this unfortunate news. These individuals noted how lucky they were to engage with Fred Willard, that he provided this world with his countless gifts and will be sorely missed. Jamie Lee Curtis pointed out that Fred is now happy again after being able to return to Mary, his one true love and purpose for living. Some are questioning if Fred died from loneliness.