Friends Reunion Special Delayed Indefinitely

HBO Max was slated to become one of the most prominent streaming services in North America, genuinely rivalling Netflix for viewership. That was before the COVID-19 Pandemic became an international problem & forced Hollywood to terminate numerous productions. Various movies and tv series from HBO were in-production, meant to hold exclusivity with their streaming service. One production includes the Friends Reunion Special.

The Friends Reunion Special dominated the hype for HBO Max, with dedicated fans of this sitcom having waited sixteen years for their favourite characters to return as their older selves. Friends were broadcasted for ten seasons, turning a cast of young actors & actresses into influential names throughout Hollywood. Friends are listed with the Top Five Sitcoms of All Time, even with the factor that the quality of its comedy began suffering towards the later season. Friends became more about the drama of each character, with showrunners wanting to highlight the casts dramatic acting capabilities.

Netflix was the 1st streaming service to maintain Friends, holding contract rights for nearly ten years. They’d lose the contract to HBO Max after the broadcaster paid $425 Million for Friends streaming rights. It’s unknown how long that HBO Max will maintain their commitment to stream Friends to millions of Americans & Canadians. Inside sources have indicated a Five-Year Run.

HBO Max’s Shocking Announcement

After it was reported that HBO Max purchased the streaming rights to Friends for $425 Million, the broadcaster would quickly confirm that their contract also included the right to film a “Reunion Special”. It was anticipated that the Reunion would centre around a new storyline of six to eight episodes, allowing Friends the 11th Season. HBO Max disappointed supporters when revealing that this Reunion Special will be for a single hour and have the original six actors discuss their precious time together in the Apartment Set.

The disappointment continued when HBO Max revealed that COVID-19 had forced the filming of their Friends Reunion Special into postponement. HBO Max provided no official date of their return to production, that was until August 7th. HBO revealed that filming for this Reunion Special had been delayed indefinitely. It’s speculated that the Reunion Special won’t ever see the light of day following the coronavirus pandemic.