Game of Thrones: Punters Study Trailer Before Placing Their Bets

You win, or you die in Game of Thrones, and eager punters scrutinise the latest trailer of the hugely popular show for clues on who will sit on the iron throne. Surprisingly, most decided to place their money on a surprise contender, but then again, anything is possible in Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Feature Popular Aussie Actor

Australian fans can’t wait for the season eight to start, especially sing a famous Aussie face that showed up in one of the previous episodes. Brendan Cowell played the character Harrag Ironborn and is best known for his roles; In the Slap and Love My Way. This Australian actor never auditioned for any role and was discovered while waiting for his sister, while she was in a rehearsal. By age eight he was cast in his first commercial, and now Cowell is a famous Australian comedian, actor and screenwriter.

Final Season of Game of Thrones

It’s a world of dragons, treachery, deceit and poverty and it is the favourite of millions indeed. Hundreds of entertainment betting websites now offer Game of Throne betting options. But most of the top sites tend to lean on what they hear from the public. The most popular believes at the moment is that the first to go would be the Greyjoy’s and many have already bet on Theon Greyjoy at +500 to die first.

Game of Thrones Death Odds at Top Entertainment Betting Sites

By starting with the character, most believe will rather sit on the iron throne than be the first to die in season eight, here are the odds. Jon Snow at the moment is +10,000, the next one least expected to die first is Tyrion Lannister at odds of +5,000. Arya Stark +5,000 and only then come Daenerys Targaryen at +3,300. Jaime Lannister +1,200, Sansa Stark +1,000, Cersei Lannister +650, Theon Greyjoy +500, Yara Greyjoy +300 and Euron Greyjoy +145.

Game of Thrones Betting on Who Will Rule and Sit on the Iron Throne

There are two major betting markets the one is the death odds, and the other is predicting who would finally get to sit on the iron throne and rule Westeros. Everyone is well aware of the fact that a lot of violence and destruction has to go down before a queen or king rules. No other show is as deceptive or secretive; no one expected Jon Snow was still alive. Vegas has a favourite when it comes to who will rule and their vote is Bran Stark, but most want Jon Snow to win.

Like Jon Snow, We Know Nothing

Lena Headey said in an interview that the eight seasons has a surprise in store around every turn, so it could mean viewers should prepare for the iron crown to go to someone other than a favourite. The least likely to wear the crown is the Mountain or Gilly at odds of +15,000, followed by Yara Greyjoy, Tormund Giantsbane and Varys at +10,000.