Get Two Weeks Free on the Netflix of Sports in Australia

The newest, and probably one of the most exciting sports streaming services, NetFlix just launched what is thought to be its off most comprehensive sports line-up ever. This will see all sport combined in one place and blended together in a single package, this Australian first could become a world trend.

Announced late in 2018, the Kayo Sports, now nicknamed the Netflix of Sports, launched with an overwhelmingly positive viewer interest and online reviews from sports mags. It also saw sports fans equally positive that it could be the best streaming service ever. The headline sports broadcasted includes NRL, AFL, A League, rugby league, Formula 1 and tennis. The sports package offers over 50 sports and Kayo sports announced it will also feature a long line-up of international sports. According to several analysts, viewers were previously forced to pay top dollars to enjoy sports via apps.

Australians Have NetFlix for Sports

Julian Orgin, the Chief executive of Kayo Sports, claims that offering as many sports codes in one place is an offering not possible anywhere in the world. He shared that their vision of creating such a channel that would, and could, be called the Netflix of Sports was formed when they realised such a service simply does not exist anywhere around the globe.

It is unprecedented anywhere else in the world service and exclusive to Australian sports fans. It is something truly impressive, positively welcomed by fans and sports reviewers. Kayo Sports will offer live matches and replays on demand from three different providers. This includes ESPN, BeIN Sports and Fox Sports, and will thereby enable it to offer anything and everything from Big Bash League to T20 Cricket. It further will be able to offer One Day Internationals from Ireland, India, England and New Zealand. That has good value as they might never have been available to Australian viewers.

2000 Hours of Sports Monthly and 30,000 Hours of Sport Annually

The new Kayo Sports service will also cover NCAA College Basketball, Major League Baseball, US Open Golf Tournaments, the European PGA Tour, UFC Matches, British Senior Open, MotoGP, FA Cup and World Rowing Championships.

In total, Kayo Sports will offer a comprehensive sports list that appeals to all sports enthusiasts from one season to the next. It will include rugby leagues and summer cricket as well as over 2000 hours of different sports event broadcasting monthly. It is expected that annually it will be more than 30,000 hours.

Currently, in Australia, streaming services command a sports fan audience of over 9.1 million. However, up until now, all fans have been forced to take out several subscriptions in order to watch sports. This is cost could now be eliminated by the new service, however, the new Kayo Sports service charges $25 monthly to stream sports events on up to two devices. Those preferring up to three devices will be charged $35 for services and be available on Telstra TV, Apple and Google, web browsers, and Google Chromecast Ultra devices.