Getting Back Together with the Ex

At every point, you have probably ever wondered what it would be like if I got together back with my ex? Would you do things differently this time, making it more likely that person would not be an ex in the future? This is the premise of the new show Back with the Ex that will air on Wednesdays on Seven. While there is no lack of relationship reality shows on TV today Back with the Ex is a unique one.

Rather than going back in time producers of Back with the Ex have talked four former couples to get in front of the camera to see if fireworks can happen for the 2nd time. In the new show aired on Seven, there is one middle-aged couple and three younger ones that were together from three to 28 years. The voice of Gogglebox in Jo Van Es is the narrator of the new show.


26-year old Jeremy is in hopes of lighting the romantic fire again with 24-year old Meg after they have been apart for four years. They were together for seven years, ok on-and-off for a while, before he decided to pull the plug on the relationship in order to travel. Meg waited for him to come back and she even stated. “I was angry at Jeremy for ages. My biggest fear would be that he would hurt me.” However, there has to be something still there since she has agreed to be on the show and the camera crew were there in Cronulla to see their first interaction even though Meg looked to back out initially even though Jeremy had flowers in hand.

Peter is a 57-year old who is divorced and looks to grab another shot with Diane. However, they have not even seen each other in almost 28 years and after two years of a long-distance relationship did not pan out they separated. Diane flips properties in the United States and is back in Australia to see if a relationship with Peter is back in the cards. Peter has stated be has thought about Diane often even when he was married, and that should bring about some interesting dinner-time conversation.

36-year of Erik and 34-year old Lauren were together for six years, but Erik’s work was one of the main factors that broke them up. He is still a workaholic, and it has cost him several relationships after Lauren and can he change this time around with her ready to settle down and have a family and stable marriage? We shall see.

20-year of Katy stated that 24-year old Cam was her first love and after three years apart she wants another shot to rekindle the flame. However, Cam is reluctant right off the bat but has agreed to be on the show regardless.

The Format

In the show the ex-couples get together for a drink and then there is a dinner date. After that, they will stay at a 5-star hotel, but in separate rooms. The couples decide where they will be bedding down for the night, but the separate rooms are right across the hall from each other, and on top of that the rooms have roses, champagne, and a spa.

The couples go through three-weeks together where they trot around the globe in locations such as Paris and New York and in the show’s finale there will be the reckoning between all the couples in the “will they / won’t they” stay in the relationship. Will old flames be rekindled? I guess we have to tune into Back with the Ex airing ay 9 pm Wednesdays on Seven.