Hamilton Power Creates more Fi Drama in Monaco

The stunning streak of first and second place one-twos for Mercedes might have come to an end at the recent Monaco Grand Prix. Although one thing became clear and that is that there is no way of stopping, Lewis Hamilton, the defending Formula One champion. The Briton completes every race in a way that gives him one of the top two podium positions in the current season. If you are counting, you will know it is his fourth victory of 2019. Monte Carlo helped him win and collect 17 points his eye remains firmly on the drivers’ championship.

Clear Lead After Only Six Races in 2019 Championship

It is only six races into the 2019 championship, Hamilton is ready to grab his third title in a row, and he started this year by saying he will enjoy the sixth of his career. The 34-year-old dominates once more in F1, and he leaves no chance of winning to anyone else. Given the gap to the team of Ferrari in 2019, fans predicted it would be the team to beat this year. It is a team who are familiar with winning every year, and it is not a championship they are planning to lose.

Results might Disguise the Races Some Feel This Year is Chaotic.

It is a year without any shock wins, what the fans predicted is what is happening and after the first being the Australian Grand Prix on the 17th of March, the second in Bahrain and the third, fourth and now the Monaco Grand Prix. It becomes clear that Hamilton will do everything within his power to move one title closer to that of his hero, Michael Schumacher.

Racing Fans Have Three Races to Look Forward to Next Month

For Grand Prix fans June will be exciting as the Canadian Grand Prix is next on the 9th, followed by the French Grand Prix on the 23rd and then the Austrian Grand Prix on the 30th of June. Then before the short break in August, it is the British Grand Prix and the German Grand Prix.

Busiest Formula One Month of 2019

In September F1 racing enthusiasts have the Belgian, Italian, Singapore and the Russian Grand Prix’s coming up. The question is not if Hamilton will dominate but rather how many he will win. He might have a lead that none other can come close to by the October races that take place on the 13th and 27th of October. These include the Japanese Grand Prix and Mexican Grand Prix.

The last three races of the year are the United States and the Brazilian Grand Prix’s on the 3rd and 17th of November. That leaves only the latest on the 1st of December, which is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Fan around the world predicted that it would be another year of Ferrari victories, but maybe Hamilton has some plans of his own for this year’s championship.