HBO Max Renews Doom Patrol for Season 3

The DC Extended Universe doesn’t exclusively consist of films under the Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Superman brands. The DCEU also maintains a multitude of television programs like Legends of Tomorrow, Titans, Supergirl, Batwoman, and Black Lightning. None of these series has received seasonal returns for the Post-COVID Era, leaving some to wonder if HBO will take control of the DCEU for TV streaming.

HBO created Doom Patrol & Watchmen, with the latter proving popular from North America to the European Union. Unsurprisingly, months after Watchmen Season One concluded, a follow-up series was announced. An anthology format has been set up for Watchmen’s second season, meaning all characters & heroes from the first series won’t return. That isn’t the case of Doom Patrol though, which has been renewed for a third season by HBO Max. This information was confirmed on September 12th.

How Doom Patrol Came into Existence

Titans was the initial show that saw Doom Patrol compete against Starlight, Robin, and Beast. After fans of Titans demanded additional storylines regarding the Doom Patrol, HBO Max greenlit showrunners to create a dedicated series for DP. It’d be explained that after the “Crisis on Infinite Earths Event” in the Arrowverse, the Doom Patrol & Titans were sent to Earth-21.

Season Three’s Format

HBO isn’t supporting the conventional format with Doom Patrol S3. The third season will be shown through “HBO Max”, the streaming service that’s meant to compete against Netflix & Apple TV+. It’s rumoured that Doom Patrol’s moving to the streaming format to support Titans, which began airing earlier this year. The two shows are slated to crossover for the first time since Doom Patrol left the Titans & obtained their respective villainous show.

The Head of Content for HBO Max, Sarah Aubrey, made the official announcement regarding Doom Patrol’s official third season. She evoked that Doom Patrol has obtained an incredible fanbase, making it one of HBO’s most-watched dramas of recent years. Sarah explained that for these reasons & more, it’d been determined that Doom Patrol is better housed at their streaming service.