Impact on Online Players Due to Global Crackdown

From the Philippines to the UK authorities are revising gambling laws. Some are imposing massive fines on wayward operators, and interagency teams are in place to tackle rogue operators. The heat is on in the world of illegal gambling; the question is how much it would affect online players across the globe — those who love casino gaming in Australia or even New Zealand.

How Legislation Change Online Gambling from A Player Perspective

Legislators are using all their powers to tackle illicit and uncontrolled gaming from all possible sides. The question is, what happens to online players? Netherland regulators follow the trail of the money to close the immoral, so to speak gaps. In the UK, new laws and rules are proposed, which is already the country with the best-regulated gambling. Should the regulators succeed the question is, would they take the X out of online casino gaming excitement? Or would they make the virtual world a much safer place to enjoy the best entertainment?

Philippines War Against Unlicensed Online Operators

In 2018 the estimated worth of the online gambling industry in the Philippines was $142 million. The number of legalised casinos at the time was 57, and the number of unlicensed operators estimated as at least double that. Illegal gambling is under attack from multiple countries, and their time to mislead players are nearing its end. Tighter regulations will hugely benefit online players from Australia, New Zealand and the UK, as a matter of fact, all online players.

Netherland Attacks by Zeroing in on Cash Machines

Every country is taking a different approach to putting a stop to illegal gambling. The way the Dutch are zoning in on the rogue operators that have cleverly partnered with cash machine owners. Fully functional illegal casinos and sportsbetting sites are set up to lure players in to use cash form the machines to fund their casino accounts. Kansspelautoriteit, the Dutch regulator focus on drying up the funds to casinos by seizing all the tools.

Stricter Gambling Laws Will It Removes the Fun from Gambling

The UK Gambling Commission focus on closing the illegal operators for some time now. It is one of the strictest when it comes to underage gambling and money laundering. In 2017 the penalties reached £10.8 million and in 2018 way over £28 million.

Problem gambling enjoys massive attention and with the number of gamble addiction still increasing the law plans to restrict the amount players use to gamble. Legalised casinos need to have a system in place to assist players.

Should they offer services to players identified to have a gambling problem, the fine is massive. At the same time, all operators need to provide self-exclusion; this way players can get temporary close their account for a period of 7 days up to 6 months. All online casinos also need to remind the players of how much time they’ve spent online. If you play at regulated casinos, you do have the regulator to assist you when the casino doesn’t pay your winnings.