Is Australia Still Good Market?

At a closer investigation, the gambling market in Australia has been quiet, and it has been across a couple of years now. The area that gambling suffered since starts actually near the end of the 2010s. This instantly leads to the question if Australia could still be a market viable to casino operators. The first question is usually followed immediately with can anyone succeed when the forces of the government are against them?

Australian Government & Gambling

There is no secret of the fact that the Australian government is not taking into consideration just how much of a sound source; gambling is in terms of revenue. Many other countries view gambling as an asset and not only as a liability. Australia looks at gaming completely one-sided and sees it as the primary source of Australians losing massive amounts of money. The government agrees and have put severe restrictions in place to minimize the risk to its citizens. With all the rules and strict control, gambling revenue is decreasing in the country, and the ban on all gambling advertising took its toll.

Australia also banned online gambling operators from offering services to citizens of the country, and many that still accepts players from down under are showing losses. There are many speculations regarding the decrease in gambling, although the only way to be sure of what is taking place is by looking at the facts. Roy Morgan Research believes that facts are the best way to find out the truth and set out to unearth the reality of Australian gambling.

The reports showed that the younger population in Australia is for sure, losing their interest in online gambling. The survey revealed that citizens between the ages of 25 to 35 that visited a gambling website a year ago were around 50% in this age group. One year later the figures dropped massively to half of that at 25%! The contributing factors in this massive drop in gambling interests are the no advertisement policy; it allows the attention of the Aussies from gambling to other forms of entertainment.

The growth potential for any market, not only the gambling market remains the youth, and in Australia, it is clear that the youngsters are interested in video games. The video games market is enjoying a considerable increase in revenue, and yearly, Australians spent over $3 billion. It still is not even close to the annual spending on gambling that reaches $18 billion, so the future of Australia entertainment is not clear cut yet.

What is alarming to the gambling industry is the considerable decrease in visits by the younger generation to online casino websites. It could be an indication of what lies ahead in terms of the gambling growth in the country.