Is Ronaldo Becoming a Failed Gamble for Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo has dominated world-news this week. Both Australian TV and Australian Newspapers had the same view, which is that the once superhero of football could be a failed gamble, especially for Juventus.
Ronaldo was once known as the Champions League woes of Juventus, the fix-it-all football superstar. Due to his recent behaviour, many Australians feel he could end up costing his current club a massive amount of money.

Could Cristiano Ronaldo Cost Juventus over A$331 Million?

The question on the minds of many sports fans is if this all started when the Series A champions needed a momentous turnaround to secure their place in the quarter-finals. After Atletico Madrid instantly took the lead in the first leg to lead by 2-0 at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Ronaldo, the international Portugal player, displayed frustration and disappointed throughout the 90-minute game. Many fans believe his most significant contribution to the game came after when he reminded the world and the media of his five medals won in the competition. It remains the fact that no other player has ever scored the number of goals Christiano Renaldo did in the history of the premier club. That the true soccer hero, only 34 years of age mustered this astonishing achievement in just six appearances.

Renaldo remains a true football legend, and Juventus required him to end their over twenty-three-year wait to have a shot at the biggest club prize. However, in the first campaign already the sighs are clear that maybe the considerable investment could be failing.

Juventus Laid Out $162 Million to Sign Christiano Renaldo

If the club does crash out of the Champions League, it could mean that signing Christiano Ronaldo could come to a cost for Juventus of A$331 Million. The four-year contract with Ronaldo costs the club $162 million. During the Allianz Stadium campaign, the Italian giants will need to pay $47 Million to the five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or, which the club also need to match in tax contributions.

If Max Allegri’s team get to go all the way and end up winning the third Euro Cup, they will pay out prize money worth $202 Million. This figure is also based on Roma, leading 2 – 1, which currently excites the competition for the upcoming month. Juventus will go straight to an eighth place due to the 19 league goals scored by Ronaldo. Should he play as he always does, the chances are that the team will dominate in Europa.

On the other hand, should it not play out that way the cost counting includes the $161 million transfer fee plus the $47 million annual wagers. Plus the cost of failure to finally win $73 million, which adds up to a total of $331 million. Die-Hard Ronaldo fans believe he will be the true legend in the league and Juventus will find out they made the right investment by signing him.