Jamie Oliver Launching Coronavirus Cooking Show

There are millions throughout the United Kingdom that are currently committing to Self-Isolation Measures. It’s become increasingly challenging to locate recipes that are healthy or tasty with the minimal supply of grocery stores. That’s where Jamie Oliver comes into effect, with the British chef announcing a new television series aimed to assisted individuals with cooking. Jamie Oliver will implement a fast-turnaround cooking show that solves various culinary conundrums surrounding the limited food for consumers engaging in self-isolation. This series is named “Jamie: Keep Cooking & Carry On”, with the first broadcast slated to begin on March 23rd. This limited-time production will be helmed for five days and provide upwards of 50+ recipes for viewers to select from. It’s known that all recipes will be listed on the Food Network and BBC Food websites, presenting self-isolated fans of Jamie Oliver these recipes worldwide. We recommend that our Australian readers engage with these recipes to learn unique ways to make tasty treats from their pantry.

The Covid-19 Pandemic in England

The novel coronavirus has rampantly spread throughout the last four weeks, with global citizens being infected with Covid-19. It’s prompted world government to implement social distancing measures, with this extending towards Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Multiple businesses have been informed to shut down their operations, with this extends towards pubs and cafes. Entertainment operations including movie theatres and sporting centres have also postponed their activities. Thousands of offices have sent their employees home for safer working conditions, and now the overwhelming majority of Britain’s population is under self-quarantine.

One of the most affected industries through England is the film marketspace, with Hollywood having to release their films to On-Demand Services. This strategy has ensured that profits continue for the remaining months during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Multiple companies in the entertainment industry have shutdown their respective productions across the United Kingdom, prompting thousands to go without unpaid paycheques. It should be noted that various grocery chains, Amazon and Wal-Mart have begun to implement isolation deliveries. This means that consumers cannot come into contact with the delivery driver for social distancing measures. These alterations have been seen globally, with some adapting to the changes without any challenges and others finding themselves overwhelmed with the minimal public exposure.

The Covid-19 pandemic facing the United Kingdom and the United States have prompted for notable individuals to acquire the novel coronavirus. This includes the beloved British-born actor, Idris Elba. American actors Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks have also received Covid-19 while filming in Australia. Nobody is safe from the effects of the novel coronavirus.