John Diggle Remaining in Arrow Universe

David Ramsey is a well-known name amongst comic book enthusiasts. He’s best known for playing the role of John Diggle in the Arrow Universe. This was confirmed after producers of the Flash noted that John Diggle would visit Central City to assist Barry Allen with a case. David Ramsey has appeared several times on the Flash previously, with fans expecting to see this character return with his own dedicated series. Following the series finale of Arrow, fans were shocked in the final minutes when John Diggle was taken out by an impacting meteorite. Shortly afterwards fans saw that Diggle approaches a mysterious box, which when opened, displayed a bright green light. This indicates that John Diggle will be confirmed for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps.

The arrow universe has teased the existence of John Diggle as the Green Lantern since the 2nd season. It was revealed throughout the final season of Arrow that Diggle’s stepfather was surnamed, Stewart. This means that John Diggle is actually John Stewart, making him the future greatest hero that the Green Lantern Corps has ever witnessed. Unfortunately’ fans were disappointed to learn that John Diggle won’t take on his superhero identity on an upcoming episode of the Flash. It’ll be the 1st time that anybody sees John Diggle after the death of Oliver Queen, which will be the main focus of this episode.

The Future of John Diggle

Rumours suggested that John Diggle would take on his superhero identity in the final episode of Flash Season Six. This is because of the way that Barry Allen was introduced, which was accomplished through a three-episode based storyline on Arrow Season 3. It would’ve made logical sense to implement a similar strategy with John Diggle’s green lantern adventure. Considering that HBO owns the rights for Green Lantern Corps, supporters of John Diggle shouldn’t expect the characters superhero identity to appear for twelve months.

David Ramsey has spoken extensively with Greg Berlanti and HBO Max, determining what’s the best course of action for this character. This professional actor expressed his excitement for this character’s continuation. Nobody would’ve anticipated that John Diggle would one day become one of the greatest heroes that the universe has ever witnessed. Oliver Queen wouldn’t have expected this kind of future for his best friend.