Judges Left Gobsmacked By 76-Year-Old Bodybuilder

Busting all age stereotypes, Janice Lorraine shows off her passion for keeping in shape via bodybuilding at the age of 76. The 76-year-old Bodybuilder was born in Britain and managed to leave Britain’s Got Talent Judges wholly gobsmacked when she showed off her toned and bronzed body. Australian’s Metro reported that Janice downplayed her toned body by wearing black pants and a white jacket. Stepping onto the talent searching stage, Janice was asked to reveal her talent to the panel of Britain’s Got Talent judges. She decided against it and told the judges she would keep her ability a secret until she could do it.

Hot Stuff by Donna Summer

Only a few seconds late she paraded back onto the stage, this time wearing only a shiny swimsuit. The grandmother showed off her toned body to the sound of Hot Stuff, a song by Donna Summer. The crowd could hardly believe their eyes and was left in a frenzy as her incredible performance came to an end. Janice Lorraine only received yeses form three of the four judges. It stunned the crowd, but all that mattered is that she is still through to the next round.

Janice Lorraine Website – Positive Active Ageing

Janice Lorraine started bodybuilding at the age of 56, and her website is called positive active ageing. The elderly bodybuilder proofs that age is but a number and even at 76 her routine gripped the Channel Seven audience. Judge Manu Feildel, who is 45 years old, told Lorraine that it is hard to believe that her body at 76 is so much better. Many Australia’s Got Talent fans praised the 76-year-old Janice Lorraine for her bravery to appear on stage to show off that age is only a number. Angry fans tweeted that Manu who did not give Janice the yes, she more than deserved, was only jealous since he could not have such a body.

Look Good – Age is Never A Barrier – Janice Lorraine

Janice Lorraine won the Bodybuilding Masters Championship in 2013 when she was 70-years-old. In 2015, she won the bodybuilding 60+ Championship at age 72, and she is still winning gold at the age of 76. Lorraine believes it is possible to feel and look great at any age. Staying active gives you confidence, vibrancy, vitality and lots of energy. Her online blog answers question regarding her inspiration and routine. She also blogs about her experiences on different shows, getting competition ready and diets.

Get into The Best Shape Possible

As Lorraine sees things, life changes when you get older, your challenges are different from those of a younger person. Most older adults focus on their illness and taking life easy; it’s the worst you can do. It is your time to enjoy life and get into the best shape possible. She has many fans not routing for her to get three or four yesses in the next round of Australia’s Got Talent!