Lemony Snicket’s Unfortunate End

Would you have had all the gales of laughter or hours of entertainment if Lemony Snicket was not part of your life, what is most unfortunate of all the events, the series end and audiences now have to wave farewell one last time to Snicket.

Most say Lemony Snicket never turned up he sends a young man dressed in a pinstripe suit to jump on stage at the New York bookshop. The frenzied press or youngsters accompanied by their parents came from far, its Snicket they wanted to see. One thing they would not allow is to be disappointed and when Daniel Handler made the mistake of saying in this book that I…. and then tried to correct the error by saying I mean Snicket …. He got the applause of the crowd. It was during one of these visits that the author from San Francisco introduces the audience to the thirteenth and final book of the series and also realised that he had to let his alter ego go, Lemony Snicket could not stay forever as the series of unfortunate events had to come to an end somehow.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

America’s answer to Harry Potter by JK Rowling’s series hungrily awaited by the world is A Series of Unfortunate Events. There are quite a few things these massively popular series have in common; both brought youngsters back to reading books and both feature captivated children.

The question is how youngsters cope with would live if Lemony Snicket is not a part of it anymore, Lemony Snicket told his audience that he did not want to go, and when the children were asked, they all pleaded that he should keep writing. For hours parents with their children queued after Handler read and did a performance ending at around 4:30 pm, some, still waiting after midnight as no one wanted to miss out on getting their rubber stamp of Snicket. While several in the long queue were asked what they thought of Snicket, little voices said that he was weird, that he is a genius and that 13 is not a lucky number.

Parents said he is far too young to stop, one fan the 12-year-old Jessica said she thinks he is scared that all the unfortunate events he wrote about might get him. No one really complained waiting this long as all the youngsters tried to figure out what last season would hold and with it being the 13th season they know it’s the final. The end settles the tale of Sunny, Klaus and Violet Baudelaire, their future is unclear, and while it is one of the main points of discussion other most hope is that they would finally find out what is in the sugar bowl, there is also the question if Count Olaf will get the money. Lemony Snicket has a unique way to motivate children, he asks one thing of them, and that is not to go near his books.