Live PD Cancelled

The Black Lives Matter Movement has forced one of the most iconic shows since 2016 to become cancelled. It was announced by A&E that “Live PD” has been cancelled amid the protests, which showed police brutality was still implemented worldwide. A&E was forced into this decision after Paramount Studios announced that “Cops” had been called after three decades of being on-air.

Massive criticism was seen towards these cancellations, with the overwhelming majority of episodes showcasing the good behaviour of law enforcement & not negative. Criticism applied towards activists that have worked towards destroying all entertainment that they deem not politically correct. This ultimately isn’t the job of activists but of government, who have the legal right to pressure Hollywood to alter their aired shows.

Dan Abrams Unavailable

Supporters behind Live PD have waited for the shows host & creator, Dan Abrams, to make a statement regarding this cancellation. Abrams had weeks ago received confirmation that five new seasons would air between 2021-26 on A&E. However, Dan hasn’t been available to make statements for reporters. It’s suspected that delays follow because Abrams cannot contain his discontent, which is understandable. None of the live video footage shown to millions of Americans everyday displayed hatred towards African America. Racism wasn’t a factor with Live PD, questioning some to wonder why this decision was implemented. To put it simply, A&E wanted to avoid any backlash against their brand & face unrecoverable losses.

Multiple supporters have begun signing a petition for Live PD to return. Law enforcement shouldn’t be experiencing this level of vindication because of four men in Minneapolis. For every racist law enforcer, there are dozens that are culturally appropriated. There is even a large African American presence in US law enforcement, with multiple police officers of African decent mentioning that these protests are unjustified. Reform is better suited for American law enforcement, not banishing these men from society & increasing their anger towards the general population.

Cops Cancelled

Unlike Live PD, the Cops Television Series has numerous instances where footage showed racist behaviour against African Americans. Evidence of these cases of systemic racism date back to 2012 for Cops. It’s understandable why this series was cancelled but not Live PD.