Looney Tunes Reboot Released by HBO

Shocking reboots have been the announcement by HBO Max over the last week. PR Representatives revealed it with the broadcast company that the “Looney Tunes Cartoons” would return to home screens on May 27th. This follows after Warner Brothers axed all renditions of this franchise since 2011.

The newest rendition of the Looney Tunes Cartoons is being directed & created by Peter Browngardt, who works with Warner Brothers Animation. They secretly debuted the 1st episode to select viewers on June 10th of last year at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Those lucky enough to witness the new version of Looney Tunes praised developers for their modern take on these classic characters.

Diehard Fans behind the Looney Tunes got their 1st trailer of the upcoming show in April, with the pilot episode being released onto YouTube for all to see. HBO Max hopes this will entice thousands to register with their streaming platform, which looks to dominate over the competition like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Warner Brothers Animation first unveiled this series in June 2019 at the AIAFF. They noted in their confirmation announcements that the series would play out over 1000+ minutes, with each episode being broken down into five-minute shorts. That means there’ll be 200 new instalments into the Looney Tunes franchise, with each episode released every week. Fans of this franchise can expect new entries over the next four years.

Their announcement also noted that the visual design of Looney Tunes 2020 would honour the original version of this show. It’s digitally hand-drawn by dozens of artists, with the artistic characters being voiced by longstanding actors in this franchise. It’s known that Bugs Bunny will be played by Jeff Bergman, who took on the role in the early 1990s. This extends towards John Bergen as Porky Pig and Eric Bauza as Marvin the Martian.

The Goals & Hopes

Warner Brothers Animation hopes that they’ll entice a new era of young fans with their unique rendition of the Looney Tunes. Cartoon shows aimed towards children have become more popular since streaming services being internationally accepted. Under these factors, it makes perfect sense that Warner Brothers would work with HBO Max to release their cartoon for streaming.