Most Watched and Memorable Moments on Australian Television

Over the past 25-years, Australians have enjoyed many wonderful events such as the Olympics and other sports events, shed a few tears and enjoyed many moments that dominated the news.

Top Five Most Watched Television Program on Australian TV

Programs watched by the higher viewer totals in Australia across the past 25 years include the following: The most watched program of all was in 1997 when over 8 million viewers watched the funeral of Princess Diana. The second and third most-watched program on Australian television is the Sydney Olympics, in the second position is the closing ceremony of 2000 and in the third position was the opening ceremony of 2000 with 6.5 million viewers. The royal wedding was the fourth most-watched program and this time it is the 2011 wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William with 6 million viewers. The program most watched and listed in the fifth position is the men’s Australian Open Final in 2005, the Safin vs Hewitt match was watched by 4.04 million.

Top Ten Most Watched Television Program on Australian TV

The sixth most watched program on Australian television is 2010, MasterChef when Adam Liaw won and attracted a viewer’s total of 4.03 million. In 2003 the World Cup Final between Australia and England was watched by 4.02 million. The eighth position on the most watched programs is 2009’s Australian MasterChef with 3.7 million weekly views. The MasterChef competition is one of the most-loved programs in Australia and is also featured in the ninth position. This time it was the 2010 final which was viewed by 3.59 million. The 2006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony held in Melbourne attracted a viewer’s total of 3.56 million.

Top Fifteen Most-Watched Television Program on Australian TV

Australian television audiences also love sports, and in the eleventh and thirteenth positions, it is the AFL Grand Final. The AFL Grand Final in 2005, West Coast vs Sydney was watched by 3.39 million, while the AFL Rand Final Collingwood vs St Kilda was watched in 2010 by 3.39 million. The Julia Gillard vs Tony Abbott pre-election debate attracted 3.52 million viewers in 2010, and the Waz Jones and Polly Porter win on The Block in 2011 watched by 3.37 million. In the fifteenth position of most watched programs by Australian television audiences is the 2004 Australian Idol won by Casey Donovan which attracted a viewer’s total of 3.35 million.

Top Twenty Most-Watched Television Program on Australian TV

There are millions of music fans living in Australia as the sixteenth most-watched program is The Voice, and in 2012, Karise Eden’s win was watched by 3.32 million. When Guy Sebastian won Australian Idol in 2003, the final was watched by 3.3 million. 3.3 Million viewed the Kevin Rudd vs Julia Gillard, Labour Leadership ballot in 2013, and 3.27 million My Kitchen Rules in 2013 when Steph and Dan Mulberon won, while the AFL Grand Final in 2012, Sydney vs Hawthorn attracted a total of 3.22 million.