Netflix Announces New Details on Witcher Season 2

Millions worldwide have access to Netflix, the most popular television streaming service. One of their most exciting television series from the beginning of 2020 was The Witcher, which garnered substantial popularity from multiple audiences. Netflix confirmed a second season and anime feature film before the 1st live-action series was released. Minimal details regarding the second season have been provided, that is until a recent announcement. Netflix representatives confirmed that Yasen Atour and Paul Bullion had been cast to play two additional witchers. They’ll be taking the roles of Coen and Lambert, two Witcher’s that were seen in the novels and video game franchise. It should be noted that the Netflix series falls more closely to the books.

It’s expected that the second series in the Witcher franchise won’t release until 2021, with the original iteration taking a prolonged period to film and produce in post-production. Similar delays are expected to follow with the second season, with the anime feature film slated to be the in-between storyline, filling the gap between two delayed seasons. It’s expected that the second season will follow more a closer relationship between Geralt and Ciri, with her training scheduled to begin throughout the upcoming series. No confirmation regarding her storyline has been provided, but previous lore from the novel franchise indicate specific details.

The Storyline for Ciri

When you look at Coen and Lambert in the novels, these two men are Witcher’s that assist with training Ciri. The former princess is taught in the ways of their clans, with her training coming from a different school than Geralt. This indicates that the second series from Netflix will delve deeper into the mythology surrounding Witchers. The element of Lambert having an emotional relationship with Triss Merigold could be brought over from the video game franchise. Critics expect that Netflix will implement this sub-storyline to maintain the relevancy of that character.

When it applies to Geralt and Lambert, both men have a prolonged relationship since they were children. Both were taught at the School of Wolf, which is located in the North. Ciri receives her training directly from Coen, who originated from the School of Griffin. The location for this training facility hasn’t been revealed throughout the novels or video game franchise, always remain a mystery. Supporters of the Witcher franchise hope that Netflix will finally explain where this prestigious school is located.