Netflix Faces Heat for Ignorant Behaviour

The Netflix Corporation has come under significant attacks from the Christian Community. This comes after the streaming service released “The First Temptation of Christ,” which puts beloved figures from the bible in horrendous situations that go against beliefs. The comedy special from Portugal showcases a Gay Jesus and Weed-Loving Mary. Subsequently, there has been a significant petition to have the comedy special deleted from Netflix. However, there hasn’t been a single instance where Netflix has removed one of its offensive pieces of programming.

The film comes from the Porta Dos Fundos, a group of comedians that are popular in Brazil and Portugal. It’s 45 minutes in length, with Jesus having his own boyfriend named Orlando. The flamboyant individual attempts to conceal his identity to Jesus’s followers and family, where it’s later learned that Mother Mary enjoys smoking weed and doesn’t mind her son committing these unlawful actions. Since this film was released, more than 2 million individuals from across the globe have signed it. However, Netflix hasn’t responded to these requests of this position and instead made it a headlighting picture for Portuguese Consumers.

It’s anticipated that once this petition reaches three million signatures, Netflix won’t have any choice but to remove this footage. There’s even the chance that the Pope could become involved, which would place the streaming service in a position where millions of subscriptions are lost. The question now is Netflix willing to support the few hundreds of thousands that will watch the First Temptation of Christ worldwide, or will they help the millions more that want this footage deleted. One individual said it ideally by mentioning that people don’t have to believe in god, but they should respect our beliefs as we respect theirs.

Porta Dos Fundos Doesn’t Respond Well

The Porta Dos Fundos, which have more than sixteen million subscribers on YouTube, haven’t appropriately responded to the petition. They claimed whoever signed this petition was tragically sad and didn’t respect artistic freedom. This group claimed that their diverse and satirical humour portrays the best essences of our society. However, most believe that these comments were made to create a growing level of anger. Subsequently, more than two million have unsubscribed from the Porta Dos Fundos.

This film could ultimately see these men lose their careers, which could be some divine sign that they pissed off the wrong man. However, after making a horrendously ignorant film called “The Last Hangover” and receiving an Emmy, these men thought they couldn’t go wrong. Netflix hasn’t responded to any of the comments made by Porta Dos Fundos as well.