New Evidence Found 12 Years After the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

A new teaser recently part of the upcoming documentary for the 7’s Australian TV show that is aired on Sunday Nights, claimed to have several new information or developments in the case of Madeleine McCann. The teasers released via several channels including social media also included the scene where the parents Gerry and Kate McCann are asked by a reporter if they killed their daughter. This clip is not new and is taken from the interview that took place years ago in 2011.

Pat Brown, US Criminal Profiler’s Book Clear Parents from Being Suspects

The television show claims to have information that could be ground-breaking in the case as well as revealing the whole truth about what really happened when little Maddie disappeared. It includes the interview and features Pat Brown, the US criminal profiler who released a book in 2011, which places much doubt on the fact that the parents had anything to do with the disappearance of their daughter.

Goncarlo Amaral Interview Included in Documentary

The new documentary also features Goncarlo Amaral, the Portuguese police officer and his interview. He was leading the investigation in 2007, although after being criticised by the British detectives, he was removed from the case. Goncarlo also published a book regarding the case of Madeleine McCann, although he blames her parents for her disappearance. Amaral claims in his book that Maddie died in the apartment rented by the McCanns in Praia Da Luz, the parents won their libel case in 2015 against him, although on appeal it was overturned. In the documentary teaser, now 12 years after her appearance, it is claimed that new evidence was uncovered, it even goes as far as claiming that the documentary producers have created the film after a major break-through. The documentary is based on the disappearance and will be broadcast on Sunday Night on channel 7 in Australia and claims that the new evidence could move the case forward.

Madeleine McCann Disappeared in 2007

The 3-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007 from a Portugal resort and the case shook the nation. She enjoyed a holiday with her parents in Praia da Luz and even 12 years after she went missing her parents are still full of hope that she will be found. The landmark television event includes interviews with the criminal profiler from the US, Pat Brown as well as Rahni Sadler the journalist and in the teaser, Brown claims once again that Gerry and Kate are both lying and that they are guilty. While the parents believe they will find her, Brown believes the girl’s body was moved and that the parents are simply disguising guilt. The documentary film also features interviews with Dave Barclay, the forensic scientist and the nanny working in the complex where the family stayed during their holiday. The spokesman for the McCann’s told the newspaper The Sun that should the Australian TV show have any fresh leads they should hand it over to police instantly.